Busselton New Park


Busselton New Park

It is a pretty fun park with smooth surface. There's a fun manual/block setup along one side, a transitioned wall along the other (4ft) with a hip, and a rounded bank up the back end. In the centre there are couple of funboxes with a small pyramid, bump, blocks and rails. I think there might be a flat rail in there somewhere as well. Overall - I had fun,

Busselton WA 6280 (On the foreshore, next to the jetty. It's located pretty much right next to the Busselton Sk8 Complex, that you currently have listed, Busselton is 229 km south f Perth with a population of 10,642. next to the pier.

Builder - Convic Skateparks www.convic.com [+]
Designer - Convic Skateparks www.convic.com [+]
Busselton New Park

RE: Busselton Progress Pics

Busselton Progress Pics