Bundaberg Skate Park

Walla St, Bundaberg QLD 4670 (Bundaberg is 368km north of Brisbane with a population of 41,000)

Concrete park with all the usual.



Bundaberg Skate Park

Bundaberg Skate Park

Bundaberg Skate Park

Bundaberg Skate Park

Bundaberg Skate Park


  1. _brent_

    Vert Ramp- 4/5 slippery when wet- isnt everything tho! Old bowl and its square rail and bigger round rail 3/5 it may be a ruff ride but those rails are fun and if you got a broom it would be helpful because its under and surrounded by trees the main park i say 3/5, the coping and everything has been screwed by bikes (which there is plenty of!!) the lower section of the main park is a bit of a swimming pool with poor tranny potential because of a weird make of the face of te ramp. Its best to skate with more people then just you, so the bikers dont do there big loop snake run things aroudn the whole park which they think is there own! peace.

  2. Skadz

    Another large park with alot of space, this park is pretty ghetto park! It has a bit of everything for everyone. Goods: Nice big vert wall, plenty of space, real good locals (including myself!). Best fried chicken just up the road! Also got large halfpipe and another older park behind it which is pretty shitty. Bads: Most ramps, coping, ledges and rails are butchered up cause of the damn bike riders! Usually a messy park with crap everywhere and also the local bikers are f*$king c#@ts! (I might of made this reveiw make the park look better because it is my local park haha but it is still worth visiting!)

  3. Wild-9

    Luckly this comments thingo is herr cause i read brents info and i got the hook up from my cousin there that somewhat skates...and took him along with me to the park, i was skating the vert ramp and some 9 yr old tried to pinch my stuff out of my car, im glad i got that car alarm from super cheap i tell ya

  4. Mullet Boy

    this park is shit to many park rats and drunk bowl moles look 4 sex its a fuck park not worth it

  5. brett9691

    i went there when i first started to skate.but it was pretty crap

  6. wycombeskater1

    i ike pie

  7. oldschool40

    the ramp looks good

  8. C-O-B_4_LIFE

    who ever hacked brett9691 (my old account) fuck off and stop talkng shit

  9. Skiddles

    Yeah sk8 there most days its ok but meh it needs stairs the drop is borin to trick off.

  10. hoos

    i think it looks pretty good but needs sum stairs and rails

  11. zack...

    this is my hometown skate park, it's so gay man..... there is only like 4-8 skaters there including me. but we have people come for every were to have a look. ps if you hate bikers like bmxers then you wouldn't like this park.....

  12. Matt Casey, INFINITY rep

    it's allright. better parks in the area

  13. Chuck Norris

    It looks so ghetto its not funny but the halfy looks nice

  14. Deanne Reeves

    Prity good park, but needs more intermediate level ramps and some boxes to jump , its defo dominated by bikes and scooters. But most of the ramps are doable for rollerskaters. Id like to see some thing done about the dirt wall thats between the two ramps . It just it fills the vert ramp areas with rocks . Defo need to bring a broom

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