Box Hill Skate Park

Corner of Canterbury and Middlesborough Rd, Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria

This park has a bit of everything including bowl, quarters, rails, banks etc. Lines forever loads of fun for all. Well constructed concrete park.


Box Hill Skate Park

Box Hill Skate Park

Box Hill Skate Park

Box Hill Skate Park

Box Hill Skate Park

RE: Box Hill Skatepark Upgrade

Box Hill Skatepark Upgrade

1.5L espersso martini

1.5L espersso martini

Box Hill Skatepark Upgrade

Box Hill Skatepark Upgrade



    good park,left some skin,it was cold and it was fun

  2. ToMbE

    this looks pretty freaking fun

  3. Baker skateboards

    This park is the maddest park im from toowoomba and theres nothing up here and went down to melbounre for 4 days if u end up goin to melbounre u hav to go here

  4. theguru

    trayflipped the funbox

  5. Nieve

    i found this park kindof boring... teh bowl isnt big enough, and for some reason teh street parts just didnt excite me. also its a treflip

  6. xav

    this park rox my jox

  7. xav

    went ther from 10 till like 6 and it was sick but bikers suk balls

  8. bonezy

    yer one biker has wanted to fight so many people i know wenever we go and hes a local wich suk coz he always there

  9. aladdin sane

    ive gotta seriously fucken go there it looks so good

  10. andy_kumashar

    does it have lights? got a few weeks neer there

  11. andy_kumashar

    its great , tight enough to pump with tech aspects if you into that :P worth a roll

  12. cataclysmic abyss

    looks insane... like a definate park i'd like to skate.. looks hella good.. and how big are the bowls??/

  13. ejacula

    I like to go there as much as possible, the pictures make it look different to what it actually is, shit is more compacted together and is higher. Both railz are very fucked, the big one is placed really badly and the small one is too steep making it too short. Although the round one at the back is fun to skate as its a curvy one. Bowl is very tight, i never skate it anyway. But definetly worth going for the quarters/spine/pyramids etc...

  14. will hurst

    sikkest park ive been to

  15. josh is sk8er

    me spined the bowl

  16. josh is sk8er

    this is 1 sic park

  17. sheerin....

    wicked park, one of the best iv skated

  18. RUIN$

    fuck you victorians

  19. mulishakid91

    this looks lyk a mad fast park with heaps good teck lines for me and my bike

  20. mulishakid91

    luv me luv my bike


    we went there last night, turns out that its not the best way to skate, but it wasnt crowded at all. cant wait to go there int the daytime

  22. HosoiAir

    Bet it would be packed all day but i'll def check this one out

  23. DaViD STFU

    i ve literally skated this park 20 times its fuckin awesum

  24. DaViD STFU


  25. DaViD STFU

    hi lucas

  26. connorska69

    i came here and this place is over run with FKIN biker scum there were bout 25 bmxers and 3 skaters it was pretty gayyy

  27. connorska69

    Wait rong park- its camberwell with all the bikers this park is awsum tho

  28. gunner

    is there anyone there at like 9:00am

  29. MAGIC!!

    this park is really fun but i reckon it needs to be more spaced out. or maybe it was just the fact that i went there on a crowed day. but all up very good park.

  30. scooter911


  31. [+].chUNkz.[+]

    looks sick as

  32. RIDGY

    skaten this shiz morrow shibs as

  33. central_coast_skater

    i like tha 'box'

  34. skater, snowboarder, surfer

    I WANT TO GO HERE how do you get there by public transport? Matt Jones.

  35. __-paul-__

    i love this park

  36. snail

    yeah my local. best park. except maybe frankston. closest station is laburnum. just look it up on google maps or something. buses run from box hill and blackburn if your to lazy to skate from laburnum. only a 5/10 minute skate downhill.

  37. JustChill

    ^^^^and then when u go back to the station its a 30 minutes walk up hill. good park though

  38. jezza_ridesbikes

    i love this park. mad flows, good bowls n spine, it has it all. worth the trip from the station

  39. Jennifer

    ooooooooooooo....i cant wait..this park looks sweet..see you all there next weekend x

  40. Bmx,Skating rulz

    FUCK yes im a brizzy local but im to rtake my dk bmx wif on a school trip ta melbourn this place looks rad im gonna have so much fun

  41. euan!

    fuck you bmx gay cock fag crack whore ! fun as park best little rail! you'll be able to do everything posss on it !



  43. DyLaN hAlLaM

    to much bikers coming to close to you;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[''''''''''''''/////////////////........,,,,,,,,,]]]]]]][[[[[]-------------------______________

  44. Luc@$24

    This park rulz - its like the only park i go 2


    sick park...sick step up its so easy to do tricks up it..but to many biker and scooter fags and they all wanna fight and shit its gay as..


    fuck yer shit hot park

  47. dizzo_scootz

    looks like a gud park. the bowl looks gud as !! $-(-00-T-3-R 4 |_-!-F-3 !!

  48. michaaeell

    fun as park but wen i went there, there was so much little kids on scooter with there family it got so anoying

  49. sk8isgreat

    isnt this park closed

  50. adamlowe

    looks good as for skating

  51. bmx-4-lyf

    if yu ride bmx, and the prk isn't very busy, a good line i worked out is to drop in between the two bowls into the shallow one, transfer the spine, turndown the hip to bank, nose manual the box, hip to the left on the roll in and tuck no hander outta the quarter then do it again :)

  52. bonerless

    yeah but bmx is shit

  53. Tooooooooooooooooooony

    hey guys is this park any good for begginers? is this park often crowded(i mean by like a lot of people go there) and would youu get bagged if ur a noob at skating there? thx :D

  54. adam23able

    is it scum? like if i just go there and mind my own business i wont have trouble right? cause im keen on riding it but i hate ratty parks. bowl looks aight!

  55. tobsby

    @adam... its not scum at all i go there almost everyday ive never had any trouble

  56. adam23able

    okay thanks dude! will be making an appearance in the holidays.

  57. ConzaP

    Should try and get there, These holidays i think

  58. tobsby

    you wont regret it <3 box hill

  59. adam23able

    might get there very early, needa good sesh when there aint much people there

  60. adam23able

    went there, so good! everything was perfect, good box, rails, quarters, bowl, etc. amazing

  61. desirebmx

    this is one of the best skates parks i have every been to! it is better than any thing we have got in adelaide. got to love box hill sk8 park

  62. Milko

    Love Boxy. I drive 2hrs most wednesdays and have never skated with more than 4-5 people. I'm no shredder and I have a ball there.

  63. ChUzY

    luv this park! perfect everything! totally worth skating

  64. Will_skaterboy99

    Is it worth me goin there? Will I get bagged if I'm a noob at skateboarding? What does this park have? Plz answer thanks!

  65. Nollieheel

    stopped bye for the hell of it, such a dope ass park

  66. bikkyeater

    shit absolutelly no lines nothing to do bowl is shit and so is spine fucking gay

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