Bathurst Skatepark

On the north side of the Great Western Highway next to the Hockey Ovals as you come into Bathurst from the east (just before the bridge over the Macquarie River)

Square/Triangle/Capsule Bowl combo and street area. Square and triangle bowl is around 4.5 feet deep and capsule around 6.5-7 feet deep. Check out the pics (all 8 feet radius)

Designer - Convic Skateparks [+]



Bathurst Skatepark

Bathurst Skatepark

Bathurst Skatepark

Bathurst Skatepark

Bathurst Skatepark


  1. hinzie211

    this park looks nuts and looks like u could get a cuple of speed lines yay first comment

  2. beers n cheers

    another spine 2 melon

  3. ride...

    Head 2 hours west of there to Eugowra,possibly one of the best parks in N.S.W

  4. !venture!

    this is the funnest park to skate!!!!!

  5. catacalysmic abyss

    looks hella good.. id like to skate it....


    bathhurst is a hole, but this park looks mad. looks like its pretty new as well

  7. shizelbot

    this park is crazy best fun u can spend days n days there most locals r alryt but watch for blak fullas n wannabe gangstas n bmxs they do nufin but get in the way. im a local there its rly smooth n the rails n ledges r awsum. n yes bathurst is a hole haha but sum sweet street spots if u kno where 2 look.

  8. jay_skate_07

    any body from bathurst who wonts to go skaten on sunday?


    the bowl could be great but its all lumpy an shit especially the spine. locals are alright. all in all not to bad

  10. someone

    such a good skatepark u get the best runs in that bowl ay

  11. Flin

    Yeah its a good park. But once you have shreded every spot like 100 times it get boring..

  12. bmx freak

    going here wth some mates ye bmx rocks

  13. bmx freak

    got sponsored here by flibike

  14. SkimTheFat

    it aint bad, nice little hubba things, down rail and a fun wallride thing.

  15. <..::kane::..>

    shitshitshitshit shitest park out

  16. web

    i live here its fun but gets boring after a while

  17. ajs991

    Hey web i didnt know you came on here. But yea it definatly gets boring real quick, and council workers cant concrete for shit. Its all lumpy. And getting stabbed by the blacks is overated.

  18. tim summers

    bx is my home niggas hi web ily i lik this park the bowl is killer anywho bye web

  19. web

    tim summers likes it in the arse whoo ksk

  20. Mr.Ripstik

    Is it near da Station??

  21. web

    dont come to this park unless u want tim summers stench to scar u for the rest of ur life

  22. TIMMY is sk8ing hahaha

    i love my bowl seshs with whip and margs best fun and fuk u web lol

  23. indy for life

    wall ride is sick

  24. scoot 4 life

    lol its only a bmx and a skateing place i think lol im going there mabey some time b4 races lol if any1 would like to meet me there just add me bebo its:: 5cooter5 yer and we can talk and yer meet up there and have a mad sesh lol

  25. indy for life

    scooters are fucking gay your a poof i love chalky

  26. skate skate skate

    iam going up to bathurst for two days so im gonna come and skate the park and go street riding if there is any good street spot

  27. holey socks

    beats f%$#@ng park in the world locals are real nice ! come skate

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