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RE: Back in Hospital - round three (65113)
noah... | 21:01 20/May/09
good luck, hope you get fixed.
belle. | 21:28 20/May/09
Thanks tommy, your confident support means a lot you cunt. I'm putting up a fight, but hey! Chemo and three heart procedures might kill me and you'll get your wish. I'll let you know.

Hahaha Daniel! You reckon that's hard, you should try getting his last name. Intense.

Thanks Noah <3
Vegito | 21:39 20/May/09
i wish my last name was intense.

it would make me sound so edgy and mysterious.


*swings in on a flying fox kicking nazis and crocodiles strapped with dynamite on the way to a landing mat comprised of naked lesbians dildoing eachother to the music of busta rhymes and the whole entire flipmode squad backed by a 52 piece symphony harmonic with a lazer effects light show and a fog machine made out of satans whooping cough he got from inhaling the black plague which he vaporised using molten lava from the highest volcano in the world and held it in a bong crafted out of sadaam husseins skull*
Chip. | 21:41 20/May/09
comic book guy.
i have a packet of oxycodone at home i no longer need..
how much $$ you got
belle. | 21:58 20/May/09
Hahaha thanks mira!
Right now I'm thinking of it as a wheelchair park. Fun high times
scotty! | 21:59 20/May/09 http://web.stagram.com/n/scott_wight
that suks belle! must be terrifying! thoughts are with you

enjoy that hospital food! yum yum! ul be back dropping feebles in no time!
belle. | 22:12 20/May/09
Thank you so much! Yeah. Terrifying to say the least.
I walked into my specialist and he speaks to me about what I have ahead of me, and I was like "cool... But will I be awake during surgery again cause that kinda grosses me out!" and didn't care. (I told ben before I left to go in that I was a tough bitch and I wouldn't fall apart) then he showed me footage and xrays of what going on and I soon enough fainted. I'm freaked out. But I get some awesome drugs to chill me out.
I'm not allowed to eat for a few days after tomorrow but I'll feast when I can if you insist it's that good haha.
I just wish the new simpsons episodes didn't suck, cause I'm hell bored.
Hahaha feeeeebles! Woo. Next step - bs smith. Sexy.

You've kept me entertained. Thanks dude. Xo
Vegito | 22:22 20/May/09
that new simpsons ep was the cleverest new simpsons ep i've seen since the new simpsons eps were new.
belle. | 22:26 20/May/09
But I don't want "clever simpsons" :(
It's not what the simpsons are. They're subtly clever and in a genius way entertaining. But they're not meant to be intellectual.
halfcab333 | 05:07 21/May/09
www.wtso.net to watch all simpsons eps. Best simpsons site
belle. | 11:43 21/May/09
Haha! Thanks halfcab. :)
belle. | 12:43 21/May/09
Woo! I can't feel anything from waist up but my right arm. This is so weird.
About to get prepped for surgery 1 of 3, what a gnarly day and night.

caveman | 14:09 21/May/09
fuck this shit sounds gnarly. my grandpa had a quadruple bypass a year or so back now and that shit was scary, cant imagine how much you would be shitting it atm, plus the whole idea of cancer

i dont know you but all the best mate, i hope it all works out
belle. | 19:46 21/May/09
That's gnarly caveman. I can't imagine what x4 bypasses would be like. Thanks for the positive vibes.

I'm feeling okay now.
I had surgery about 7 hours ago, in the midst of a black out, cyclone and storms in Perth. I just woke up out of a coma type thing, and had no idea what was going on.
The nurse came in when the alarms went off to say I was no longer in code blue or something!? And they fussed around for a bit then asked for my next of kin details cause I didn't put anyone down. I refused to give details cause I have a gnarly mum, anyway... The doctor comes in and tells me the draining failed and I went into cardiac arrest and died for just under three minutes.
I have the most intense bruising from the paddles when they electrocuted? Me back to consciousness. And went straight into a coma situation for 6 hours and just woke up crying for my iphone. Haha
They're amazed I'm sitting up testing already and claim miracle.
Anyway, the procedure failed and I died! Pretty gnarly. But I feel okay now, minus the wires and constant throwing up of blood.

I don't think I wouldve made it past the cardiac arrest if I didn't have all your positivity with me, so a massive thank you to everyone facebooking, messaging and posting here for me.

I'm allllliiiivvvvveeee! And so amped I have a cool story to tell.

Oh, and dean.... When I woke up with the torch being blasted into my eyes, my nurse tells me the first thing I said was "dean...?" haha!
She wants to know who this dean person is.... ;)

Thanks again to all the friends messaging me and keeping me going through this <3
belle. | 19:48 21/May/09
I also suffered no brain damage that's currently visable during the cardiac arrest. So ridiculously happy!
I should thank "god" for something... Ha.
mira_ | 20:00 21/May/09
"Anyway, the procedure failed and I died! Pretty gnarly. But I feel okay now, minus the wires and constant throwing up of blood."

what happens now? going for another procedure?
belle. | 20:11 21/May/09
I was due to get two done already, but since the first one failed again today, I'll be needing another two. Thats the last thing they want to do though because there is possibility of me going back into cardiac arrest. I'll know more hopefully in the morning when hopefully everything stabalises :(
Pockets | 20:39 21/May/09
woah Belle, thats gnarly.
i hope eveything starts improving from now on, keep positive!
belle. | 20:45 21/May/09
Thanks dude. Will do :)
comic book guy | 21:02 21/May/09
hang tough belle, you gota be better for bad religion and nofx in oct!

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