Frosty's Latest Pics

Checko 11:55 02/Jan/09

Switch Steve switch front shuv

Crit please

RE: Frosty's Latest Pics

Peace... 12:36 02/Jan/09

thats sick!

Adam S 12:36 02/Jan/09

sw front shuv is nice. its a shame the skys blown out but there probly wasnt much you could do about that on a cloudy day. maybe long lense wouldve been better? framed him not in the blown out sky i rekon. there sick but

Checko 14:31 02/Jan/09

yeah, i was pretty bummed about the sky. and my flash blew out his shirt too...

<-Ben-> 15:26 02/Jan/09

what f stop did you use for the fs shuv?

Checko 18:59 02/Jan/09

i think it was like f/7.1 @ 1/500. why's that??

<-Ben-> 19:06 02/Jan/09

to stop blowing out the sky use an f.stop much higher. if your using flashes you can drop the shutter speed to about 250th and up the aperture to maybe 16 to compensate. it would of stopped the blow out.

just much around with that, its gets easier as you go along. and those last pics are a massive improvement from your first man, good work. your coming along fast.

Checko 20:24 02/Jan/09

thanks heaps for the advice ben. i'll do that next time.

Maaaad 18:14 03/Jan/09

fuck yeh brendon, thats was a sick day to. pitty we didnt get ryder 50 50 that long pole thing fucking security gaurd.

Andrew. 19:11 04/Jan/09

keep shooting at 500/1 if you can... fuck your aperture. 500/1 is going to stop blowing out your skies more then anything else you can do and its going to make your photos sharper also. what camera are you using that syncs at that speed?

Newidude 00:58 05/Jan/09

I got the same question. But I was more thinking what flashes are you using? I'm guessing dedicated flashes with High x-sync options?

Checko 20:18 05/Jan/09

ahhhhhh, i shoot with a nikon d40 and one nikon sb-600. i'm trying to get another one but i got car rego coming up soon so it might take a bit longer then i would like...

Checko 12:47 09/Jan/09

nath switch 180 diff gap. crit please

RE: Frosty's Latest Pics

weebley 12:53 10/Jan/09

that one cloud piss's me off, should find some good grub under those leafs

Checko 20:15 11/Jan/09

i know its not a skate photo but i took a few band one's the other night at the local youth centre. this was my favoutrite one so i thought i'd upload it. crit welcome.

RE: Frosty's Latest Pics

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