Danny Jenkins' Photos

Peace... 13:04 25/May/08

i like the 1st one

cherrytits 22:24 25/May/08

these are sick.
back smith would be amazing if it looked like he was moving.

awesome photo's man.

phresh 22:31 25/May/08

the outside blur defiantly makes the photo. they are all super

Fetus 23:18 25/May/08

maybe should have put this one of the backsmith... check the ledge chipping away. Just thought the other one looked like he was more on it.

Cheers for the comments!

RE: Danny Jenkins' Photos

Noober. 23:24 25/May/08

i like 2nd bs smith more,hes poking it soo good.Nice lighting.

Andre C 00:27 26/May/08

these are solid

I like how they're indoors with good lighting but you can still see light outside if that makes sense

such a rad spot

JANITOR 18:56 29/May/08

hey danny,
where is that indoor spot?
or are you keeping it hella secret
coz there is nowhere good to skate in wollongong anymore

Fetus 10:32 30/May/08

yo Janitor are you Paul? it's hard to tell your identity with the wetsuit and skullcap on in your profile...

SYLVA! 10:34 30/May/08

love the first bs smith shot
im gunna come to woolongong for a weekend sometime soon

!D.F! 16:37 30/May/08

im LOVE the loose angled front crooks

really nice . . .

JANITOR 23:09 30/May/08

nah danny
im some lad called pat
i was skating with you at fairy meadow last weekend...
ha ha ha my identity is always shrouded...but i know Paul..good lad

frugy 22:06 02/Jun/08

last few are so sick, would of liked to see them with the other flash. but ohwell, unlucky.

and pat theres still plenty of good spots in wollongong.

Fetus 20:19 12/Jun/08

FLYING MONGRELS! Little Danny at Fez Ghetto

RE: Danny Jenkins' Photos

Fetus 20:20 12/Jun/08

and don't take any of these too seriously they are just for fun!

360 judo

RE: Danny Jenkins' Photos

Fetus 20:21 12/Jun/08

full cab flip

flashes were blasting oh well

RE: Danny Jenkins' Photos

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