Danny Jenkins' Photos

gusthegremlinmaster 22:13 07/May/08

fuck yeah fetus!! diggin OG gong snaps

tinbum 23:33 08/May/08

Kinker is gnar

ulius from the block 21:50 10/May/08

hahahahaha the tire jump is the funnest shit I've ever seen !

JANITOR 10:37 11/May/08

fuck yeah danny...that shot of corey hitting tire jump is fucking sick? did anybody film it? it shulda been in sc 1

KILMORE.ryan 11:10 12/May/08

the first one is the best there

ThePurityOfEvil 14:30 15/May/08

Fletch is always pickled. HAA HAA!! Awesome pics, love!!

Fetus 14:00 20/May/08

thanks for the comments guys, but yeh all except first one are pretty old so I'd do things a bit differently now.

Got some shots from Dubbo over the weekend... but first Andrew if you are reading this can you drop me an email, don't wanna spoil it for ya by posting my not so good ones here before yours get out.



ThePurityOfEvil 17:18 20/May/08

I was watching you take the pix of Mike D... Was wondering how they'd turn out, so glad to see one here.

That night turned into a pretty big one after all that... Awesome...

Fetus 11:14 25/May/08

some from yesterday... Taylor with a front crooks. First angle really loose

RE: Danny Jenkins' Photos

Fetus 11:15 25/May/08


RE: Danny Jenkins' Photos

Fetus 11:17 25/May/08

Nick R, back smith

RE: Danny Jenkins' Photos

Fetus 11:19 25/May/08

and just as I set up this for some more shots, batts died on the rear flash... hating life

RE: Danny Jenkins' Photos

Fetus 11:24 25/May/08

self crit... on the backsmith I should have used a tripod so the trees & sky were'nt blurred in the background...daaaaaamnnn

Fetus 11:25 25/May/08

ok one more, nick fs salad

RE: Danny Jenkins' Photos

dean123 12:03 25/May/08

2nd fs krooks is soo steezy

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