emo/scene galz thread

Vegito 21:26 31/May/09


you are quite the poster.

Rayner 21:33 31/May/09

he gets my vote for most valuable forum head of the year.

right up there with the vagtoe man himself and lazlo.

The Clogger 21:45 31/May/09

yeah the nutter ones with hell shit in there face and dumbass haircuts need to fuck off

The Clogger 22:09 31/May/09

it really looks like its cold enough for her to ware those dumb things on her hands

fakes 22:26 31/May/09

you know rae rae?
well um i wanted to find her myspace but was having no luck. while i was lurking trying to find new pictures i saw rae rae posted somewhere asking people to email her if they found bad websites with her photos, thus, she left her email. email search in myspace and budda bing budda boom low and be hold there she was.

and um, here she is..

Vegito 23:09 31/May/09

add glasses girl for me someone so i can see what she looks like.

fakes 23:22 31/May/09

I hope she accepts me

GS Lover 01:44 01/Jun/09

I know a guy who won that show.

Vegito 12:42 01/Jun/09

get more pictures.

fakes 13:28 01/Jun/09

Post her email adress so I can lurk her page

FAT COCK 13:31 01/Jun/09

she doesnt myspace or anything like that. ive already tried to search fot it. but feel free to try

fakes 21:00 01/Jun/09

glasses girl hasnt been online yet, so no progress there.
i sent an invitation to toilet girl above..

heres that ebony girl im growing fond of

Vegito 21:21 01/Jun/09

thats really it. maybe ill look again one day.

fakes 21:30 01/Jun/09

rad tatz.

on another note this is natasha's model space.

calls herself dutchess. i posted her on page 1, theres heaps of other hot girls on there but few are scene so i didnt post them.

Vegito 21:36 01/Jun/09

and heres her myspace

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