santa clause

frugy 19:59 24/Dec/08

north north

gaybot 20:01 24/Dec/08

duck fuk santa did not get shot by the tooth fairy you idiot

gaybot 20:05 24/Dec/08

my theroy with the asian slut is that at the north pole there is a sweat shop style strip club where unlucky asian women get paid 10 cents a day to entertain santa and his elves

duck fuk 20:30 24/Dec/08

he did gaybot i saw it with my own eyes

gaybot 22:52 24/Dec/08

what does everyone think there gunna get from santa this year?
i asked for madden 09

Lewis. 23:00 24/Dec/08

thats the grinch

belle! 23:05 24/Dec/08

my family all sent me packages to my post box for christmas and i didnt have time to pick them up today. im so devo i have nothing to unwrap tomorrow :(

gaybot 23:16 24/Dec/08

damnn thats a shame :( hope you still have a nice christmas

belle! 23:20 24/Dec/08

yeah, i'll probably forget its christmas, and play video games or something. hahah. you have a nice one too, bot!

JAW 23:58 24/Dec/08

belle! what console do you own?

belle! 00:01 25/Dec/08

ps2, ps3, nintendo. nintendo ds.

JAW 00:04 25/Dec/08

whats your ps3 username?

belle! 00:10 25/Dec/08

right now im on benmneb
but mine is bellemneb.

have you got/finished skate? such a disappointment how quick it is!

gaybot 00:16 25/Dec/08

im waiting all night for santa too come so i can meet him

belle! 00:18 25/Dec/08


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