Tawa Hayes

-T.L.F- 14:22 06/Apr/13


21:15 05/Apr/13

aww T.L.F, am i not aesthetically indie enough for you? if i got a shitty knuckle tat would that help? rolled up my pants a bit too maybe?

nahcunt are you cuntm8s understudy?? you get the often meme'd celebrity photo as your avatar , cunt in your name ?? do you wait untill he doesn't like something to post your awfully unclever and un funny shit??

and fuck yeah your not "aesthetically indie" for me , i didnt study 4 years at fashion school in paris to have some simple un original cunt getting up in my business, yeah i got knuckle tats (i got them before they were cool DERR) but everyone knows now that you dont roll up your pants!!!!! you get nanna to hem them about 4inches up to avoid the unsightly fold at your ankle . Its all about clean lines BITCH!!

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