Introducing Michael Lawry

bullos 15:27 24/Dec/12

helll yer legend!! the dude is soo proper!!!

4128 18:43 30/Dec/12

Hi Shutdown,

It was me back than selling a few VHS tapes (plus XEN Skateboards) and later on a few more companies out of 4128 Skate Shop, which I started as a 12 year old in 1999 (first on-line skate shop in OZ).

Over the years that progressed into the eagerness to learn the production and design side of the industry (as opposed to selling other peoples stuff) which spawned Picture Wheel Co, Holiday Skateboards and we even had Chatsworth Hardware for a minute.

This year I wanted to further the business and grow the operation both here and abroad and I could see guys like Pontus with Polar Skate Co and 5boro NYC needed someone down to really back them and help them the way I ask International distros to help Picture Wheel Co grow - rather than just being another company name on the list.

It just made sense to go back to the roots of where it all started and use the name 4128 for the distro, hence the logo on the our website has the "proud history since 1999".

Thanks for the kind words on my brands and looking forward to sharing in 2013 some more International brands we have signed onto 4128 Distro (about 5 more brands at this point!) ontop of Polar Skate Co, 5boro NYC & VIC Clothing.

And of course like always we will have Aussie riders getting hooked up with the brands and linked into the social media promo of web clips etc like this one for Lawry.

Cheers and happy new year

Ben O'Neil

shift 18:57 30/Dec/12

You guys seem to be doing everything right at the moment and deserve it. Will be stepping out of my comfort zone and sussing some 4128 proddy in the new year for sure

washedmafia 22:34 05/Jan/13

Boss boss boss yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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