city skate-terry and max

seargent nips 15:45 25/Oct/05

i dont think the style really matters frank c. its such a big trick that i doubt it really matters if the boardslide was on a funny angle. would you have done it with more style?

lobsta 15:59 25/Oct/05

yeah he did the bs board first shot for warm up
i dont think there is anything wrong with it

Frank.C 16:28 25/Oct/05

Nippa, your the kind of kid that claims "peace everyone, just skate" but then always posts " I'd like to see you do better".

The extreme compression looked bad on the boardslide, that's the only thing.

On a related note: I hope yous arn't like the little hammer faggots that hang around prahran. The kids that are like 10-15 and will try a trick down the big set/rail 30-40 times then land it once and don't/can't do it again. What the fuck is the point honestly.

seargent nips 16:54 25/Oct/05

it wasnt hate frank. the style was rad on most of those triks. and bs boardslide cr is a gnarly trik. he gets it first shot and i think thats the second time hes done it. so i doubt the style matters

seargent nips 16:58 25/Oct/05

^ignore that post i hadnt read the "The extreme compression looked bad on the boardslide, that's the only thing"

**TeRrY** 17:17 25/Oct/05

im not 1 of those kids most of those tricks i could do again real easy ecept for the bs lip and fs board c road and once u do a trick what is the point doing it again if u have it on film?? so u can hurt urself but on the uther hane i understandwhat u mean

Mikky 18:52 25/Oct/05

that lil kid in the white made every trick look good and the other kid in the black made every trick look terrible

lobsta 21:49 25/Oct/05

yeah most of the tricks that terry and max did only took a couple of shots
before that day max or the kid in the black could only board slide that rail so id say it was good effort by him even if some of his tricks were a bit sketch

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