todays city clip

p o c o 20:37 23/Oct/05

can you PLEASE change your fucking avatar photo!?

ratboi 23:26 23/Oct/05

nice clip boys!

singha_is 23:38 23/Oct/05

Nice clip, looked really fun!

Whos the dude trying the 360, that was sick! LAND THAT SHIT!

jonathon 23:55 23/Oct/05

some fagot, i think its that edy.choi guy

mosu101 01:36 24/Oct/05

ending is uber rad

p o c o 09:48 24/Oct/05

jonathon, your profile isn't funny...and how come you haven't tried to come-back at me after the 3 times i've abused you?

hey hey ramez 10:22 24/Oct/05

hi ed

im not andrew 10:29 24/Oct/05

fuck yeah seen that clip was so good and the pyrmont gap is finally back im skating this saturday lets go there ;)

hey hey ramez 21:12 26/Oct/05

wow jonathons life

Tristan' 21:13 26/Oct/05

Your skating INA?

That jonathon guys a chat kient

hey hey ramez 21:20 26/Oct/05

i like him

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