todays city clip

blake' 11:25 23/Oct/05


Ross551 12:34 23/Oct/05

just because u ain't no villain j.hill sucked in


Ross551 12:35 23/Oct/05

but very nice clip sean except for that hella mob guy that did that mob ollie over that rail at the start wat a piece

p o c o 13:15 23/Oct/05

i liked it.

ady 14:25 23/Oct/05

was that you on the nollie nose manny poco?

oh and um *cough cough cough* royal axle low *cough*

kweig 14:34 23/Oct/05

fuck yeah jeremy!
hey hey ramez!
scott busting out on stuff that isnt 12 stair hand rails!
korn shirt landing a claim!
ed getting his rowley on!
ross getting his josh mcbeath on!
and daewon poclington!!!!
that wasnt will harnely on the barrier was it?

dont worry ross, i know you werent really being josh mcbeath... you're way cooler!

nice clip sean!

p o c o 14:58 23/Oct/05

i think it was alon on that barrier...fs bag-lady? claiming props for you dressing up like korn shirt...because i clearly remember me posting that suggestion! .. i really hope you dont deny this, ecause i have a vivid memory of saying it. :S

jonathon 16:02 23/Oct/05


p o c o 16:23 23/Oct/05

jonathon HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA worst head ever!!!

J.Hill 16:30 23/Oct/05

Yeah it is Alon.

J.Hill 16:33 23/Oct/05

BAHAHAHA ross you fucken chat ****...I hope your not being serious ahahaha because thats so bad, you and your villains fucken suck and who would wanna join you's anyway all u do is take pictures of each other and post them on myspace hahahaha fucken wack.................

J.Hill 16:37 23/Oct/05

wheres my smiff's cd's you dawg.............

Powell 16:49 23/Oct/05

stop hating jeremy!

Ross551 18:27 23/Oct/05

ummmmm nah VILLAINS are the shit dude well who would want to join lets seee corey duffel and gareth stehr yeh thats right bitch they are VILLAINS
o yeh i got ur cds i forgot to bring em in on sat

jonathon 20:34 23/Oct/05

LOL ahahhaa woah!!! boo hoo corey duffel suck his penis, he sucks, he is good at skating but still........., AHAHAHHAHAH that is sooooooooo true they jus take pics of em selves and put it on myspace, and they dont even skate they are just there and WACK!!!

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