EL TORO vs Danny Scher

TuN$tall 14:32 21/Oct/05

Did anyone else notice the secret message that flashes?

RE: EL TORO vs Danny Scher

ben` 15:27 21/Oct/05

yeah i did when i first saw it. had to pause it to see what it said

Brynn 11:26 22/Oct/05

he obviously didnt have the confidence that he was going to stomp it and roll so he was already dead from the begining. add to that if he did land it he would have 50-50'd the concrete/grass and eaten shit anyway

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 11:55 22/Oct/05

I shouldn't have watched that just before I go to skate Bondi pool.

Shorts. 13:03 22/Oct/05

mabey not brynn, he could have leaned out of it and done what bryan herman does in this is skateboarding, but yeah he was obviosly to scared to do the middle rail and he wanted to be able to bail onto the grass

Pacman 14:02 22/Oct/05

that really puts u off tryin rails. he didnt commit from the start he was gonna die

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