Melbounre Suburbs Footage

mike dd 20:00 18/Oct/05

it still doesnt work

Brad* 21:00 18/Oct/05

aaron just like your filming when you filmed me kicky vermont in a run! ahahaha

Fest 22:29 18/Oct/05

doesnt work , just a white screen.

aaron.. 08:14 19/Oct/05

hahahahaha my bad

sponno? 12:58 19/Oct/05

yeah doesnt work for me either

.JAKE. 18:47 19/Oct/05

dotn work for me either

Coolereis 19:06 19/Oct/05

i dunno why, i just export from final **** express as a quicktime file (no .wmv option) os yeah dunno about that white screen

dean123 19:29 19/Oct/05

nice it isnt working download quicktime 7 off the apple worked when i did that!!1

seargent nips 19:54 19/Oct/05

yeah quicktime 7 is free now all u headjobbers. then u can look at this clip and give us props. and how come u posted again sam to say it was nice, but with the f-word involved. i dont think this clip registers jsut how sick it is in ur mind when u first watch it. this isnt self props...

TuN$tall 09:52 20/Oct/05

That spot with brick ground is at melbourne uni right? That spots pretty good for looking at genetic mutations, havnt skated it though. Good clip yall

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