Kial 22:15 20/Oct/05

switch bigpin board 270 out. waaaatt.

gay fag 22:21 20/Oct/05

its old but the skating is good, if he didnt have such a shit name i would like him more

ChiefBEN 10:56 21/Oct/05


||BLANK|| 11:28 21/Oct/05

that is soo good.... big spin fs blunt bs spin out is insane and fs feeble shuv revert,MY GOD!

pro alert 14:22 21/Oct/05

so good...but whered u get the version of it? it cut out all his mannys and stuff

<<smashitup> 17:29 21/Oct/05

that was nice, ivealways wanted 2 skate somthin like that, somthin like bunnings :P

antskater 20:47 21/Oct/05

hey it was a bit cut off but still tech tech tech props on every trick

keenan forever 13:54 23/Oct/05

whooo stupidly tech... had to watch it a few times just to make sense of those tricks

Peace Frog 15:48 23/Oct/05

If only he could no foot fakie ollie double sets like his long lost brother..

aws 00:21 24/Oct/05

ronson u fucking sikkunt

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