Y.I.H.U. trailer

tinbum 09:00 15/Oct/05

looks rad!

made me laugh though, spinal tap... and a benihana all in one video!

.Bombzigty 20:04 15/Oct/05

how mad did fs flip that double look.
such kool vids.

FOG 21:44 15/Oct/05

Bombzigty......its switch mate

i'm a jock 08:12 17/Oct/05

gutsy's so fat he cant use bayonett fitting cause his fingers r wider than they r long..............he's got a cheap sanyo indonesia style lens now.........

yo muska 08:51 17/Oct/05

yay i wont it i got g.i.h.u and thats heaps sick

.Bombzigty 08:51 17/Oct/05

'Bombzigty......its switch mate'

~* O M G Z *~

<<smashitup> 13:01 23/Oct/05

that was wiced

Mikky 17:56 25/Oct/05

never ever get tired of cams back 3's. and his back 270 flip in slam. so good

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