pro alert 09:28 19/Sep/05

fuck yes!

i had fun watching this ahaha (Y)

FOG 09:58 19/Sep/05

Yeh Brew , Im working on the vid, his part is coming along well.......good tricks etc.

The skater you probabaly want to watch out for is James Briody, he is bullshit good.

YEAH.. BREW!!!!! 15:50 19/Sep/05

ok thanx man

YEAH.. BREW!!!!! 18:23 19/Sep/05

how old is that tim guy ..........and are there any vids of that james briody kid on this forum

JAMAL 19:40 19/Sep/05

WOW WOW WOE WOE nice one chelldagwwgwgwgwgwgwwg and co.,,,,,,,,,,,,

i sould be banded

Lazarus219 20:19 20/Sep/05

that was fucken hot,

Danes kicky back tail.....and the big flip looking thing...

looks like fun

LiTtLe LiNdSeY 19:22 27/Sep/05

hahah where is that place..

Jason Moitell 19:37 27/Sep/05

i just like chell's switch pop!!!!

oopspoops 21:40 27/Sep/05

...the turtle

Pig. 21:52 27/Sep/05

COuld have edited it together better, but Ill be damned if that wasnt still one of the best Vibed clips I have EVER seen
Sooooo freaking fun by the looks of it!

Markus.G 22:41 27/Sep/05

Yeah i really could not be fucked editing that clip together that well because it was hard enough just trying to find the lands haha coz they all look nearly the same but yeah pig u are dammm right seriously i slapped it together in about 10mins

Pig. 23:12 27/Sep/05

haha, as long as you guys have fun watching it and remembering the session, thats all that matters!

hodges 23:21 27/Sep/05

0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 i wanna touch the sky and i wanna fly so high

ook 21:09 02/Oct/05

i wish there was a foam pit there on friday night...

CHELL 00:03 03/Oct/05

bahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahah ook ... bahahahahahahahahahahahha . you had a broken tailbone . and all you could think about was .. fuck man ... those ****s at carmens kicked me out after 30 minutes . fuckin ****s ... FUCK THE SHIRE . those ****s . wasting my money . then mertells like .but i paid for you to get in .. ahhhh . i odnt care . fuckin ****s wastin my money . bahahahahahah . halarious

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