new p-rod trailor

oopspoops 20:24 04/Sep/05

hence the (i think) cause i only watched it once

halfcab333 06:05 05/Sep/05

i love how p rod pops out of his k's

shutdown 12:47 05/Sep/05

how could anyone hate that promo?

what the fuck is wrong with you people. Do you actually enjoy the taste of shit?

Pig. 12:51 05/Sep/05

The promo was dope
Skating was top notch

Conrad. 18:25 05/Sep/05


"does anyone know what the song that's used in the FIRST trailer is called? "


S.Wadey Forecast. 21:58 05/Sep/05

is the original a JayZ track conrad?

fastA 23:02 05/Sep/05

best trick is the fakie 5-0 down the 9

Conrad. 09:06 06/Sep/05

Yeah im not sure wadey I wanted to know

Andre C 12:09 06/Sep/05

the orignal track is on Jay-z's the black album called "Public Service announcement" (produced by just blaze)

the song in P-rods video is an instrumental which sound be easy to get as an acapella version of the whole album was released

Andre C 12:11 06/Sep/05

when i say acapella i mean instrumental, whoops

S.Wadey Forecast. 17:33 06/Sep/05

thanks C-dawgs.

Duncan 22:43 06/Sep/05

Jason Wakuwazas second trick is.. what?

What shutdown said was right.

tree 00:14 07/Sep/05

looks like mikemo capaldi downloaded the same style as PJ from the matrix computer.

gay fag 11:36 07/Sep/05

yeah i tryed to log into the matrix to download a style, all i could get was chet thomas so i quit skating and started roller blading.

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