Cam Mullan and Ricky Sawyers

mosu101 20:38 29/Aug/05

great vid!
were the len flares intentional?
doesnt matter if it wasnt thought they added something

[benny4ever] 20:57 29/Aug/05

it never lets me download from that place

Pig. 22:36 29/Aug/05

I wish I could say they were mosu

flycat 23:14 29/Aug/05

yeah nice........ that ledge spot looked a heap of fun.....
........ also loved the bowel filming especially the front 5-0 with you going the other way...... killah

Pig. 23:21 29/Aug/05

its dirty work, but someones got to do it

get it?

sheesh...tough crowd

flycat 23:54 29/Aug/05

ha ha

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 02:32 31/Aug/05

Hey Pig.. How did that effect we were chatting about turn out?

shutdown 09:19 31/Aug/05

screw stockpiling, give away all your gold NOW!

Pig. 17:11 31/Aug/05

Yeh, it worked OK mick
I just couldnt workout how to animate the titles
So im guessing IM going to have to do it in AFX of combustion

BAhahah B

DANGER MOUSE. 18:59 31/Aug/05

ohhhhhh narceee.....

flycat 23:50 31/Aug/05

oh yeah Pig..... I know there has been a thread on it but in 1 word - is combustion worth getting and does it work on PC

Pig. 23:54 31/Aug/05

Your probably better off using AFX
Mick Mulhalls your man tto speak to about Combustion.
the mans a jedi!!

But in a word, if your willing to sit down and fully learn how to use the program. (which I stillhavent done fully)

then YES!

flycat 00:50 01/Sep/05

cheeers.......... do you know which has quicker rendering times??? or is that going to depend on the system Im running........ - Mick Mulhalls ???? or whoever reads this and wants to reply....... I know it should be in film just didnt want to start another one question thread......
......... thanx all

Pig. 01:24 01/Sep/05

HAHA!, Combustions a RAM chomper

AFX is probably your best bet
alot more online resources for help and such

davo_20 13:11 03/Sep/05


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