FS: Video Light 20watts

jordan1234 00:31 12/Sep/09

For sale is a Vivitar IVL-2 20watt video light. Its very bright. I dont have batteries or a charger for it but i do have the ac adaptor. For a battery and a charger on ebay its like $40 or so. Im looking for like $25 posted for this. Email: I have plug it in via the power point and it powers on fine. I can give you links on msn to the battery and charger you need. thanks jordan

JuicyJay. 10:20 12/Sep/09


jordan1234 10:38 12/Sep/09

Ill get some tonight jack.

JuicyJay. 10:40 12/Sep/09

ok, thank you jordan.
i also emailed you.

GiraffeBoy. 15:21 12/Sep/09


jordan1234 16:05 12/Sep/09

Thanks giraffeboy.

Michael P 20:37 14/Sep/09

legit , the light is soo bright too

jordan1234 01:24 15/Sep/09

Someone Buy please.

JuicyJay. 11:09 15/Sep/09

i can vouch for legitness.
one free bump.

.SYLVA 11:44 15/Sep/09

any footage with the light? and what camera do you use it with?

jordan1234 16:35 15/Sep/09

Thanks Jack.
Ans .SYLVA It can be used on any camera. I dont have footage with it but its just like the Sony 10/20. But the light spreads more if that makes any sense.

.SYLVA 21:08 15/Sep/09

yeh i know i was just curious
will get back to you

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