Swansea Lake Macquarie

mongo skater 4 life 18:12 24/Apr/09

have they made it yet

DeathMoth 16:14 01/May/09

the question on everybodies lips

add 21:02 12/May/09

fuck yea i remember fishing in the lake all the time as a kid....If they build that shit ill have to go back and skate it for sure

SLAYTANIC 12:10 15/May/09


17:36 19/Feb

fuckin yawn, someone refer convic designers to shit id like to skate thread....

Here fucking here

zoo yorker 17:54 28/Jun/09

im local and i cant wait till this is built looks mad

jackson cosh 21:13 06/Jul/09


.SYLVA 15:38 24/Aug/09

i heard its been put off till early next year...

didnt see that coming...

in other news apparently a scooter friendly "scootpark" is going to be built in the newcastle area.

Skateboarding in the newcastle Lake macquarie area just continues going downhill, its so fucked.

need a proper skatepark already

marburg 21:44 24/Aug/09

scootpark failure ℜ

marburg 21:52 24/Aug/09

ʍ ʇ ɟ


DeathMoth 15:01 25/Aug/09

i copped a nice swollen knee at croudace from some little fucker on a scooter. thanks for that champ. scooters are a massive issue in newy and lake mac

.SYLVA 15:29 25/Aug/09

the rangers randomly go to croudace and give out fines occasionally which is good.
The area just needs a few good skate parks.

DeathMoth 17:53 25/Aug/09

fines for what? scooters?

.SYLVA 19:31 25/Aug/09

scooter fines

apparently the ranger lines up all the kids and tells their parents that they shouldnt encourage their kids to be breaking the law.

bout time this started happening.

funtimes 03:14 14/Sep/09

They could stop crime at this skatepark by moving it to toronto, I hear that's a nice area and its still in lake mac..

Crypt Keeper
Crypt Keeper 11:48 12/Oct/10

I herd construction has started. Is this true? anyone had a gander?

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