Varsity Plans

GA-30 03:12 26/Mar/08

the saveing money by not building a bowl is one of the crappest comments ive ever read.

justchillin 00:27 28/Mar/08

awesome leigh im so keen to see if it lives up to the plans im lookingto move to varsity by june so it will be my local.

skatanic 16:05 30/Mar/08

finished yet?? anyone got pics?

JacobMPC. 12:44 31/Mar/08

Graffiti will definitely look much better than some mural, but just no stupid bombs or anything, maybe a few productions around the park.

The Other Leigh
The Other Leigh 09:35 03/Apr/08

Sorry lads but no photos from the walk through with rob from Concrete Skateparks on Tuesday although i am happy to report progress is sweet with Nate Perry and old school gold coast schralper Danny working flat stick to make sure Varsity is amazing. There was talk of the bowl design being modified as the original design was lacking something a little special. Trent and Rome i think made a couple of changes to a couple of the plaza elements as well. But all in all that place is going to be amazing. If i were any skater moving to the Gold Coast i'd be looking to move in across the street! I will try and get some photos up before to long...
And Please remember kiddies stay out of new skateparks until the concrete has gone off!

Ozzy 12:08 03/Apr/08

saving money by not building a big bowl for 'legit' street would be a disgrace! bowl is sick and meat toss is fun. stop hating transition

CHH63 09:43 14/Apr/08

Outrage at sex shop location

Leah Fineran


A CONTROVERSIAL sex shop is set to open less than 10m from a $1 million Varsity Lakes youth skate park.

The Playhouse Adult Store at Burleigh Waters is relocating from a Reedy Creek Road industrial precinct where it operated illegally for three years.

The store, operated by Lucky Bitch Pty Ltd, was forced to move to a retail space after the council last year refused to approve an application to remain in the industrial precinct.
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The store's move into a three-storey, mixed-use building at 14 Cassia Drive has sparked outrage from the local community, who say the shop's position will draw 'undesirables' to the residential area and long-awaited multi-purpose youth facility.

The youth park is a joint State Government and Gold Coast City Council project and is expected to open in six weeks, with a BMX track, events stage, skate bowl and public art.

The adult shop's move comes as Acting Premier Paul Lucas last week said the Government would review industry regulations after an adult shop recently opened opposite a Catholic primary school at Proserpine in north Queensland.

The Varsity Lakes location is almost 2km from Marymount College on Reedy Creek Road, but area councillor Jan Grew said an adult shop on Cassia Drive was 'wrong' as it was opposite a youth facility.

"It's a highly inappropriate setting," said Cr Grew.

"A youth park is just as sensitive as a school area and we can't accept this arrangement."

Cr Grew said while council could not legally refuse a legitimate tenancy, officers were investigating compliance issues with the number of car parks required for the business to operate legally. But the investigation has been hampered after the council officers were denied entry to the partially set-up store on Thursday.

Despite tinted shopfront windows, shelves of lubricant, sex games and DVDs were visible from the public car park outside the store.

A concerned resident, who declined to be named, said she was horrified to learn the sex shop would open opposite the youth park.

"We desperately need community areas like the skate park in Varsity Lakes and having this shop directly opposite will just encourage undesirables to hang out here and maybe leave unwanted items in the park," she said.

"Our biggest concern is for kids and families that will visit the park who will be confronted with the sight of a sex shop."

A unit owner in the Cassia Drive complex has also filed an official complaint to council.

Cr Greg Betts said he didn't approve of the Cassia Drive site but the business owner had been caught between a rock and a hard place.

"I have spoken with the owner and he agrees (Cassia Drive) isn't the ideal position but he's got a business to run and this space is for lease," he said.

"We've refused to let them stay in an industrial area and now they have found a legitimate retail area, and at the end of the day an adult shop is still a retail shop.

"It's a dilemma."

Both councillors said they hoped the State Government review would help local councils define appropriate locations for adult stores.

"In an ideal world they would be allowed in certain industrial areas but without official directives we are forced to only allow them in retail-zoned areas," said Cr Betts.

The Playhouse Adult Store owners would not return calls or emails from The Gold Coast Bulletin yesterday.

RE: Varsity Plans

justchillin 14:41 14/Apr/08

awesome i can now finish work go skate and get some new material for a maz all in one handy location all i need now is a bottle - o and a local drug dealer and im set.

by the way im only joking i think its bullshit that there allowing this.

Roy Marvin
Roy Marvin 18:51 14/Apr/08

you do?


justchillin 19:50 14/Apr/08

nah man think of all the fucking pedos and shit that will be lurking around. oi can someone post pics of the progress at the park mydigi shat itself and fones take shit pics

The Other Leigh
The Other Leigh 08:10 15/Apr/08

For fuck sake stay out of the parks until they are finished...

swano 01:50 22/Apr/08

tell ya mum then leigh. your mums always all over the new parks.

The Other Leigh
The Other Leigh 14:15 22/Apr/08

Ah gotta love me mum and swano's jokes from afar!

The Other Leigh
The Other Leigh 18:53 28/Apr/08

Looked like the lads were still pumping a fair amount of water out of the bowl area as well on the day this was taken (last thursday)...

RE: Varsity Plans

mattb 19:30 28/Apr/08

im gunna go fuckin pull my dick off to this picture, so glad i just moved here.

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