Nerang Skatepark Plans

CHH63 21:59 11/Apr/07

Hey snowcone - you got a scanner? Drop the plans in and share them around if you can. The more people see the more input can be given to acheive a better designed park.

snowcone 19:18 12/Apr/07

sorry i threw them out but if u send an email to the council theyll send 1 in the mail thats what i did

The Other Leigh
The Other Leigh 22:25 17/Apr/07

I dunno the last plans i saw weren't that bad and as for Nerang being dodgy well thats just the west side of the highway for ya but the crew out there are all little girls who have to hang out in gangs to feel secure nothing a truck to the head won't fix...

McFly 16:59 25/Apr/07

has anyone hit up those drains of the freeway in nerang, they are just south of red rooster on the eastern side with a fence.

The Other Leigh
The Other Leigh 08:21 03/Oct/08

Dropped past this morning and the lads are hard at work pouring concrete will upload some photos later on!

The Other Leigh
The Other Leigh 17:17 06/Oct/08

Only got a couple of quick ones as the lads were in the middle of a pour will get more this week when i can walk around the site without bothering the lads!

RE: Nerang Skatepark Plans

The Other Leigh
The Other Leigh 17:31 06/Oct/08

The tricky little keyhole door!

RE: Nerang Skatepark Plans

turka turka 17:34 06/Oct/08

why put it in nerange they should ahve put in ashmore
this is tupid i fill like skating not getting rolled

The Other Leigh
The Other Leigh 17:53 06/Oct/08

Part of the bowl section!

RE: Nerang Skatepark Plans

Rain Dog
Rain Dog 08:32 08/Oct/08

I dont know why everyone is so worried about getting "ROLLED" at nerang. I had been going there on and off for the last five years before it was demolished, and often late at night as it was the only park on the coast to keep its lights on untill past midnight. I went there by myself most of the the time and not once was I ever attacked, threatend or abused. Sure I saw a few seedy characters hanging around late at night occasionally, but no more so than anywhere else on the coast. Does anyone have any real tales to tell about getting "ROLLED" at Nerang?...because i sure as hell dont......Overall I think the park is in a good location right next to the highway(for good access) and away from to much suburban houseing development(to keep all the kiddies away at night). If your afraid of getting attacked then its fine by me if you stay away cause thats just one less sucker takeing up space in what will be an awesome new park.

LIKEALION 12:14 23/Oct/08

Whats happening here? Any pix?

comic book guy 22:46 23/Oct/08

maybe you just look like a tough cunt rain dog

Rain Dog
Rain Dog 10:27 25/Oct/08

No comic book guy, that was clearly not what I was implying. If anything I would say that I am the opposite of the "tough cunt" you so gracefully describe. I was simply questioning if Nerangs percived bad image could be backed up with factual stories or evidence of some sort. I will say however that you certainly have a way with words, with a vocabulary like that I'm sure your going places in this world.

S L E E P 20:17 26/Oct/08

Any idea when this shits gonna be ready?

Greggles 08:31 27/Oct/08

judging by the amount of blokes there yesterday I'd say it's ready. I don't think anyone has drawn a dick on it yet so it's not officially open.

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