Phillip Island (Cowes Park)

Grof 13:48 21/Apr/06

damo i think you shoul stop sucking ass.............. i still rather wonni park its alot more fun

Lou Bee
Lou Bee 17:03 21/Apr/06

Chuck Norris , ive never seen you round these parts ? , P.I is shit park ... Lang Lang is where its at .. reaks of versatility ... Local Rippers ; he went bald and quit. He still has his charm though. goes by the name of Gav.. Watch the sky's.

G-VILLE 17:19 21/Apr/06

Lang Lang Euro!!!!!! 'the best'
i much rather fishing than cowes park.....just slipped into the Grantville culture

Grof 17:33 21/Apr/06

by the name of gav aye??? i think ive seen that man around before, wonni rails are so much better than the shitty cowes ones

Damo__ 21:24 21/Apr/06

Yeah, because people only go to parks to skate the rails.

Dunnas 21:31 21/Apr/06

So much wonni park hate, they have a good fun hip there and the bowl is fucking wicked + the mini ramp is still there to be ripped!!!!!!

Damo__ 21:35 21/Apr/06

There really isn't much Wonni hate at all. The problem with Wonni is that you can only skate whats there, you can't skate anything differently to how it was meant to be skated. Therefore, in my opinion, not much fun to be had. At Cowes we make it worth skating by skating different things with variety and having fun skates instead of just trying to jump down the rails.
Plus the flat ledge at wonni is practically un-skateable, a real waste.

Damo__ 22:01 21/Apr/06

Oh yeah and Wonni is lacking Cowes' best feature, the flat rail.


Nivo 22:37 21/Apr/06

Wonni is shit, Cowes is the shit.

Lou Bee
Lou Bee 14:00 22/Apr/06


ChiefBEN 15:15 22/Apr/06

i reckon cowes is more fun than wonnie...
u used 2 love cowes loe bee

Slipperz. 19:36 23/Apr/06

all the local parks are shit including wonni, cowes, leongatha, invi etc. but who cares the street spots is where its at, stop cryin. and give the streets spots some lovin'

Damo__ 19:38 23/Apr/06

Hahaha Louis, name 3 decent street spots in Cowes...

Slipperz. 19:43 23/Apr/06

1. the ghetto kicker..RIP
2. ?
3. those benches near island surf shop, thats where its at bahaha

Lou Bee
Lou Bee 20:19 23/Apr/06

Spotless and Full of Culture
To Sum it up .. I had forgotten the flatbar , its rad
otherwise i still claim its a bad park but whatever
you dont care what i think rite , why did i post lol , to each his own..
cough'shitpark'cough harhar, that Maddox guy ABD'd the park to shits anyway.

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