my favourite park

Shep 08:34 15/Sep/05

There's a good park in Nantes as well. You go there? The frogs are cool to skate with too.

X the illiminator 13:18 15/Sep/05

nope basically there and marseille and both are quality parks

Shep 14:10 15/Sep/05

Nantes is good, if you dig the street style parks.

SaintS 15:31 20/Sep/05

fuck yeah looks good. the links didnt work

sylva skater 20:54 20/Sep/05

best park ive ever seen

X the illiminator 23:21 20/Sep/05

i dont know if it will work but good luck
or u could copy and paste , but what ever works

brad96 18:16 25/Sep/05

im going to europe at th end of the year how would i go about getting to this beast

X the illiminator 18:35 25/Sep/05

ahh ok well depends where you go , ok lets say basically you land in charles de gaul airpot ( paris ) then you whould get a cab or public trasnport to the large city of Lille , then take the metro to lille flanders, then cross the bridge and you will fine le halle de glisse sports center and yeah its there , basically you need to get to lille and find a metro

NsE InC 11:43 02/Oct/05

what the fuck? that place is off the hook.. we need something like THAT in aussie

bwadley 17:28 02/Oct/05

FUCK y cant there be skateparks around australia................

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