Franston Skate Park

||biRDMan|| 19:38 12/Sep/05

jamie is that Jose' droping in too

||BLANK|| 19:51 12/Sep/05

haha fuked if i know dude, lol i culdnt even tell it was mike martin..

||biRDMan|| 20:13 12/Sep/05

well ur dumb the jamie dumb dumb dumb

MikeWale' 00:35 13/Sep/05

Oh man the original plans looked so good, still looks really good though.. and is it just me or is the skater in the bottom left hand side a sillouhette from this photo just mirrored..

RE: Franston Skate Park

MikeWale' 00:36 13/Sep/05

And yes i do have alot of time on my hands.. haha

||BLANK|| 12:14 13/Sep/05

well what do you know..i think we mite have a match

RE: Franston Skate Park

[benny4ever] 12:52 13/Sep/05

why isnt sydney getting all these bullshit parks??

.krewsin. 16:32 13/Sep/05

wow. what a really big coincidence.

bias-jiggy jig 10mo 18:30 13/Sep/05

benny you get olympic park

Brynn 14:18 14/Sep/05

woah shiiiiit, ben k get your lawsuit on

||BLANK|| 11:48 15/Sep/05

during my class break i walked into the canteen and stumbled upon a objection patition for the skatepark,it was for all cardrivers that wanted to object complaining there cars would get wrecked.. everyone EMAIL and feel free to write anything you have to say about the skatepark.. e.g why it is needed and how there will be no damage towards cars and shit like that.

pitbull 20:32 27/Sep/05

Does any one know what stage of the park is being built first.In other words how long till the bowls get started?Also how deep is that kidney and is that tiles and pool coping I can spy on that poster

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