Park builders equipment

Surfer Sam 19:36 12/Sep/05

...the pic is a bit deceptive - there is about 350-400mm sidewyas movement (only a sketch though at this stage...)

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 19:57 12/Sep/05

Good to see that you're comin up with ideas to make the job a lot easier SS. Perhaps I should post my ideas, but i don't wanna have the idea stolen and me never make anything from it. I guess the skateboard industry has made me paranoid.

Surfer Sam 20:06 12/Sep/05

fairy nuff...I was a little hesitant myself - but I want something to pass on to the creters, and I want to make sure it's gonna work before I spend the money.... but I guess the only real test is to try.

and ideas for a corner??

Surfer Sam 09:17 13/Sep/05


RE: Park builders equipment

SLASHER 16:15 13/Sep/05

While you guys are on the subject could you tell me what is the best type of concrete to use to patch up large wheel size holes in concrete trannies.

Surfer Sam 18:31 13/Sep/05

I think epoxy is the go.... but you'll need to get the right stuff.

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 19:13 13/Sep/05

car bog is good

Dion 21:13 13/Sep/05

i reckon it would be sick to be a park builder

Surfer Sam 13:23 15/Sep/05

...had a chat to our concreters, and they thought the "invention" to be a bit impractical... and were worried that theyed be stuffing around, trying to get the thing to work, and the concrete would go off, and that would be bad.....

anyways, looks like it's back to cutting wooden templates, unless someone has a better idea......

"Click" 00:50 22/Sep/05

haha nikeem thats great

singha_is 02:30 22/Sep/05

give it to chad ford, he'll fix it up for you!

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