Park builders equipment

steve t 10:00 08/Sep/05

Contractor just rang me looking for some help. Can anyone supply me with a contact number for the guys that did Bondi or another good builder so I can pass on to him?

He;s looking for some tips on shot-crete and finishing.

Convic and Concretes missed the job - reckon they'd still offer advice to old mate?

steve t 10:21 08/Sep/05

PS to:

don't post any numbers here - thanks

Trogdor the Burninat 15:53 08/Sep/05

Good luck, haha. give tips to the competition.

If only it wasn't about $$$$$$$

drew 15:54 08/Sep/05

Rob from concrete rang me a few days ago. He read the thread and offered his assitance.

Trogdor the Burninat 16:15 08/Sep/05

I take it all back!

Robs a good man.

JOHN FOX 18:16 08/Sep/05

steve t , I will e-mail you Zalem details tomorrow. If we can get zalem talking to nepean then that will be all we need. I will call them tomorrow so they understand the situation before nepean calls them

steve t 10:23 09/Sep/05

Cheers first to Drew and Rob - I haven't spoken to Nepean since but if Rob helps the guy out with some advice I'm sure we'll get a good result.

Send the Z guys contact details too please Fox thanks - more advice the merrier!

Surfer Sam 15:40 12/Sep/05

I reckon this might work - what do you reckon??

the frame locks into the flat slab edge with a couple of peices of angle, and a prop (which sets the height of the frame 7mm above the transition level) - this will in turn, equate to a 7mm protrusion of the coping where it meets the tranny.... using the frame as a screed - and modifying the screeding tool....

RE: Park builders equipment

Surfer Sam 15:41 12/Sep/05


RE: Park builders equipment

Surfer Sam 15:43 12/Sep/05

close-up of the angle and "prop" = total height of 7mm..

RE: Park builders equipment

Surfer Sam 15:46 12/Sep/05


RE: Park builders equipment

Milk Bidet 15:47 12/Sep/05

why re-invent the wheel

Surfer Sam 15:55 12/Sep/05

...the wheel??

I have contractors who are going to do our trannies, they are masterfull concreters - but will not use the techniques of Convic, Concrete etc - they want wooden templates to screed to - and small panels.

if this jig works as I imagine = perfect tranny and perfect coping....

I'm not re-inventing the wheel, just looking for a better way.

RE: Park builders equipment

Surfer Sam 16:02 12/Sep/05

I'm going to incorporate a ladder into it, so your not restricted at height....also be able to screed up to a flat surface (ie boxing) cause the screed protrudes either side of the farme....

...but will it work??

steve t 17:00 12/Sep/05

Looks good Surfer Sam - for straight runs you'll get a perfect finish. Though screeds are generally used in a sawing action along their length i.e back and forth rather than up and down. I'd change your blue handles to allow for this sideways movement whilst still keeping them locked under the square raduised section.

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