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Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 13:45 02/Sep/05

Not the case Fox. As far as I know Zalem did Lumeah, and that was built in the late 90s I think.

steve t 13:46 02/Sep/05

I have Fox. I'm certainly not down there tellin' these blokes how to do their jobs but chances inexperienced concretors are gunna f up are high yeh?

The contractor is cool - he just didn't know how to approach it and I thought it worthwhile to offer some info (which he's taken gladly).

I'm a builder. I know what it's like to be pestered by an owner with no clue - that's not happening.

Join me all in positive thought for the best outcome....ommmmmm......

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 13:54 02/Sep/05

John I think you need to step back on your love of Zalem, and have a look at the shit that they have made.

I have been told by you in this forum that Zalem built Bonnyrigg park. Now I know that is a fair way to catch a bus from Bondi, but I suggest you go and have a look at the finish. Lumpy is one word that comes to mind.

Now the council does not care who builds their parks other than the cheapest person. And the project manager does not care as they just look at the park when it comes to signoff, and say well it looks okay to me.

Like I and Drew said, you can get lucky with the driveway guys, but at the end of the day thats 2 good parks out of how many shit ones?

As a tax payer I don't like to see my money spent on things that look good from afar but are far from good.

JOHN FOX 14:35 02/Sep/05

I am just suggesting every man and his dog doesn't go down there to tell them how the job must be done. Same with suddenly swamping the council with phone calls . In the end they'll start ignoring you !
Don't PANIC means : stop , think about the situation and approach the percieved problems in the right manner at the right time.
Steve T is in there and is the man for the job at the moment so I'm up for him monitoring the situation and helping were needed.
The tender went out for this job awhile ago so that was the oppurtunity missed to get a more experienced company doing Parramatta. If you are getting a park then you have to stay on it all the way thru from petitions to opening ceremony and beyond.. ain't that right Mick !
still think it is odd getting another skate bowl built in Sydney without irrational Chad Ford's like something is missing LOL ha ha ha

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 14:42 02/Sep/05

I have an invention for (sketches were done in early 03) a transition template/screed that does the tranny and coping potrusion all in one. If someone wants to help me build a prototype and test it, I would be more than stoked.

The reason I came up with my idea was because from what I know, park builders usually run the template from the flat to the coping, and then use a notched hand trowel to get the coping potrusion. Not only does this add a fair amount of work getting the coping right, but it also creates the problem that Maroubra bowl has. The tranny lines up with the coping, then the tiles tilt back to meet the correct coping potrusion. When you launch airs out of the bowl, the vert dissapears and you hardly feel the coping.

And NO, it's not just a template with a notch in it.

steve t 14:49 02/Sep/05

There was no opportunity missed to get a more experienced team John - Council wouldn't pay them what they wanted. If these guys hadn't come in - we'd still be waiting.

As I said, we can only hope now for a good job.

Surfer Sam 14:50 02/Sep/05


Surfer Sam 14:50 02/Sep/05

but you may have to come to Tassy

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 14:56 02/Sep/05

You're in Tassie are you not SS? There are some special parts for it that I can only get made here in Sydney. Apart from that, I need the help of someone who knows metal and can cut, bend and weld the damn thing. The I just need it tested in the field.

I'm hoping that I can get it done in time before construction on Five Dock starts. I really dont want my local to get fukt up Maroubra style.

JOHN FOX 15:13 02/Sep/05

the opportunity missed was not having council understand what the community expects and who is appropriate to tender for the job before the park is even designed
As far as I know the state goverment will match the amount " saved up " by the council . This was an old arrangement and I don't know if it still stands but double the budget always helps
I wonder if that avenue had been pursued by the Council ?

Surfer Sam 15:36 02/Sep/05


GroundHangers 15:46 02/Sep/05

Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve.
(Jerry Springer)

Surfer Sam 15:51 02/Sep/05

What Tha?


Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 16:17 02/Sep/05

Inventor of objects that ease the life of mankind, but never see the light of day. Or more commonly known as, A bum who skates. I'm a jack of all master of none kinda fool.

DANGER MOUSE. 17:15 02/Sep/05

string compass technique

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