Manly Vale Bowl

JOHN FOX 11:36 15/Aug/05


GroundHangers 22:13 16/Aug/05

Yeh im in for the steps and the filter box but as long as they are chalenging. Not like them ones. give us something gnarly.

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 22:35 16/Aug/05

Just make a perfect copy of the Dogbowl.

JOHN FOX 17:32 18/Aug/05

here's a shot of a kidney with steps

RE: Manly Vale Bowl

GroundHangers 18:10 19/Aug/05

Yep that one works.

Wild-9 14:50 24/Aug/05

be fucked tryin to ride around those steps^^^

i like that hip there though

slapshot 17:22 24/Aug/05

Fuk Chads stupid fukn pool, seriously how many people do you think will skate that shit, Chad is so retardedly stuck in his own fuked up world that he doesn't realise that even the few people who would skate a pool think it is stupidity to put one in at manly vale for too many reasons to list. If you want to skate a pool go skate that piece of shit at mosman, has anyone noticed that that thing is brand new and always empty. Stop building parks for yourself chad and take a look at the kids who are going to have to skate these parks for the next twenty years. Its 2005 not 1975, move on, the parks you are building are about as current as your haircut.

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 18:09 24/Aug/05

I agree, but wait till you're 35 slapshot. Then you'll be wishing there was a pool to skate.

My arguement would be this. If you want to skate a rail, there are 6 billion of em around. Pools are few and far between.

slapshot 09:26 25/Aug/05

That's the problem Mick, I don't skate pools now so why would I start when im 35? Chads generation grew up skating that shit so thus Chad is building parks for himself and his friends to skate. So if no one but 35 year olds are skating pools now, whos going to want to skate them when you guys stop skating. Wouldn't it make more sense to build a 5 foot bowl with some nice hips to give the next generation a chance to actually learn to skate tranny instead of dumping a fukn 4 foot to vert tranny with steps and shit in the way and wondering why transition skating is dying? Im not saying replace the pool with a flatbar, im saying why the fuk would you build a pool to cater for 1% of the skateboarding population of sydney when there is clearly a need and means to build somthing for everyone.

sour grapes
sour grapes 10:59 25/Aug/05

i dont think chad is building parks for his friends - he doesnt have any !!

mosu101 19:29 25/Aug/05

slapshot most skaters that still ride around age 30+ have fucked knees. That would put a stop to hitting rails/stairs for the majority of "mature aged skaters"

When you get into the 30's and you are still skating you are probable just having a carve of the bowls and having fun without getting seriously punished. (and also wearing all the pads)

Think you raise some valid points regarding the bowl and its tranny. same things could be said about the Marulen Bowl.

I get amazed at how lucky sk8ers are now there are spots everywhere, compared to when I was a grommie.

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 22:36 25/Aug/05

You would actually be amazed at how many kids I have come across over my last 4 years of travel as a skate coach who said that they would love to learn to skate vert, but there just aren't any ramps out there.

Since the pool at Bondi went in I have seen quite a few kids take on the challenge of skating a big pool, and also a lot of skaters in their late teens to mid 20s taking it on too. Some have even gone as far as buying pads.

In regards to parks with transition, I see a big problem in making them too small. A perfect example is South Strathfield in Sydney. It has a nice little 4 foot deep open end bowl, but within a year or two of skating it, most kids start looking for a bigger challenge.

I think the main reason most designers build 4 foot tall parks is to cater for kids who are learning. The problem with that is that within 1 to 3 years, those kids are either going to give up, or grow up.

The only steep transition, closed bowl type parks I can think of in Sydney are Bondi, Riverwood, Maroubra, Marulan, Balmoral, and soon to be Manly Vale and Five Dock. That is far less than the amount of street/transition parks.

I acknowlege that Sydney lacks pure street plaza style parks, and that issue is being addressed with Waterloo and many smaller parks around the city that may appear over the coming 2 years.

At present it seems that skatepark construction is going through the same transitory process that it did in the early 90s. Almost every skatepark had a vert ramp in the 80s. In the 90 it switched to pure street/tranny parks. The good thing is that we are now starting to see parks that incorporate more than one aspect of skating, and catering for a more widespread age group.

I haven't seen the plan for Manly Vale, but I do know that it will follow this type of thinking by having a pool and street obstacles. Don't begrudge the locals of that, because it's the first pool that the Manly area has had since 1981, and will probably be the only one for a very long time.

Long live vert and street skating! May they reside beside each other for eternity!

Trogdor the Burninat 17:21 26/Aug/05

Sydney does not have a REAL pool that is available for people to skate(thanks to australian swimming pool standards)

Just because you do not want to skate pools or bowls does not mean no one else does.

If pools are so old skool and no one skates them why are they still being built world wide?

If it's in your local area and you wish to be heard, go to a design meeting. If you find that what you want does not get built, this would probably mean that other people
do not want to skate what you do? (skate design meetings and community consultation are taken seriously by council and designers are made to include as much as possible, of what is requested by attendees, from the meetings).

If you want to be heard you need to attend meetings, rally like minded people together and be in it for the love of it. there is no thanks in doing anything FOR skateboarding, only the pleasure of knowing you did it!

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