kids at skateparks

jughead 13:04 05/Aug/05

they just sit in the middle of the park. they don;t do anything and there's a whole dirt track for them to use (yeah i know its for a diff type of bmx). Ruined a good park.

ok, im over it now. better get on with life

jughead 13:04 05/Aug/05

^^^ referring to the bmx kids at browns plains

RS 2thou
RS 2thou 15:00 05/Aug/05

one time as I was about to air out of a 1/4 some kid decided to stop on my landing area, bailed out and my skateboard nearly hit another skater in head, I was going as fast as possible as well wich didnt help

TE 07:57 06/Aug/05

It is OK if they have a hot soccer Mum,isn't it?

louie 20:53 06/Aug/05

be the bigger man and.......................

beat the shit out of the kid

cartoon 21:33 06/Aug/05

we had the same problem at maroubra

Bennay 17:50 07/Aug/05

haha we got scooter kids zoom-zooming around our local park every saturday & sunday because there is a netball feild with like 20 courts right next to the park so the little bastards come & just get in the fucking way constantly. I have no problem telling them to fuck off, except that little bastard with the spiderman skateboard whos mum is like 8 foot tall & drives a blue volkswagen, shes gone off at me threatening to hit me 7 shit coz i politley asked her son to "move out of the way".

sk8 for life yaw'll 19:20 11/Aug/05

yeah down on the stretets of dover tas we have some little shits hangin about sk8in and shit they piss me off so much they get in the way so much and when u tell them to f**k off they cut sic and throw there crappy 2nd hand decks at you

wigga_warrior 20:45 16/Aug/05

shut the fuck up dubs you mongo Cunt

Shaun Ryder 21:56 16/Aug/05

keep watching ya back wigga.....

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