kids at skateparks

FOXA 15:40 27/Jul/05

A week and a half later and it looks like I got another couple of weeks at least before I'm rolling again. FAAAAARRRRRRRRKKKKKKKIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG HHHEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!
Might have to see the doc this weekend.

TE 10:12 30/Jul/05

ollie them

Conrad. 12:42 30/Jul/05

Grind their little frail bodies

vempyre 22:20 03/Aug/05

funny thread, kids are always gonna be at skateparks, if they get hit, so be it (fuckin dumb parents).
I remember this one time a little girl got totalled by this bmxer, he dropped in on the bowl and slammed front on into her, just lying there crying, bloody face, twisted(broken) leg, then some older skater picked her up and put her on the side of the skatepark so the rest of us could keep skating... and then the guy ollied over her haah

DiStoRtioN 22:28 03/Aug/05

yeah some annoying 12 yr olds were at our local park the other day... kept telling my mates who were with me itll be good when they go and some 24 year old **** who was skating also who i knew beforehand and always said hi to round the town like skitzed and beat the fuck outta my face. was good fun. theres such things as a playground kids.

Lazlo_Panaflex 09:05 04/Aug/05

I ollied over a kid on a snake board once on the old coorparoo skatepark funbox. I don't know who was more surprised...him suddenly realising that there were other people at the park apart from him or me actually missing his head by a few inches and rolling away.

Snake boards are so hot...

Shep 11:05 04/Aug/05

Nice one Dubs... And you are so good with kids man... (remembering back to the old shop days. Remember the South Park kid?)

FOXA 11:30 04/Aug/05

Yeah kids are tops. 3 weeks so far and it still looks like another couple to go before I'm back on board. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!

H_HAMMER 15:19 04/Aug/05

you just got to tell em." its not a day care.....and keep out of my way cause my mate over there is a pedo and you snake me again..its all over!"

RS 2thou
RS 2thou 21:04 04/Aug/05

The park I go to has lots of blind spots so you cant see them riding there bikes at .5 mph, or they see you, stop, look at you when they are in the way. No kid would want to be in my path when Im skateing because I go fast and I get a tad airbourne.

Social Phobia
Social Phobia 21:14 04/Aug/05

I aired a spine once and landed on a kid lying in the bowl on his bike having a rest.

ben' 22:07 04/Aug/05

ahahahaha yell at his dad...i was down at browns plains the other day and some kid thats like 5 got clipped by a 12 year old and the 5 year olds father came down and yelled at the 12 year old and the 12 year olds 2 brothers came and started on the dad then the dad went and got a plank of wood that had 2 nails in it and hit it over the 12 years olds back...screaming and blood everywer

jughead 10:04 05/Aug/05

well its browns plains what can you expect.

I used to love that park but between the the bikes, the water puddles and the glass (not so bad now) i just drive past it.

McFly 12:10 05/Aug/05

ahahaha, Browns Plain is dead to me after going there a few weeks back and the park being littered with emo bmxicans and roadbase.

Wild-9 12:40 05/Aug/05

i hate scooter kids.....expecially when they're actually pretty good, the get all cocky and in your way....expecially local competition day, so fucking annoying you will be warming up and a scooter kid tailwips your shins

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