kids at skateparks 15:15 24/Jul/05

yea i as at maroubra and some kids were sitting on one of the banks with giant tennis balls and they had dropped em a few times which rolled into many skaters causing stacks

Funzo 15:19 24/Jul/05

bah! dam screen display name

mosu101 18:34 24/Jul/05

its an unfortunate occurance at the Bra. gets worse 10 -2. I usually avoid it by going really early or really late.

the following methods do not work
1) reasoning with grommet and explaining "park etiquette"
2) yelling at grommet
3) hitting on grom's mother (10 out of 10 for succeeding if you can
the following methods have limited success
1) run into them blame kid for injury yell alot (make sure parents arent bigger than you first
2) truck to head and run come back latter.
3) drop ball bearings all over park sit back watch the fun

good luck

dubs 18:56 24/Jul/05

I Did skate the palm beach mini,did'nt scotty live there?it was oposite 7 eleven

CG 08:29 25/Jul/05

Best anec dote i have is from Chatswood - this psycho guy went off at a kid, and then his mum went off at him - and he goes "THIS ISN'T A FUCKING DAYCARE CENTRE" --- best quote ever.

FOXA 09:37 25/Jul/05

Fakie 360 rock n roll last saturday. Turn around and look down the tranny to sus landing to see a couple of 8-10 year olds with scooters at the bottom of the tranny. Try to bail. Knees still fucked.

jughead 11:17 25/Jul/05

foxa, you're just a fake. you have a pic with blood on your arm to show how tuff you are but really you're just a wanna be nanny. I say next time just roll over thos kids, its not like they are going to do the world any good.

Face it, you're just a kid loving, sympathetic, senstive, emo hugging, mirl twirling, nancy boy nice guy who wouldn't harm anyone.

FOXA 11:19 25/Jul/05

haha yeah you caught me out Jughead - the truth is I panicked because my eyes were still all watery from when I ran into another kid on a scooter 10 minutes earlier and started to cry.

jughead 11:32 25/Jul/05



jughead 13:17 25/Jul/05

I've found that follow the leader game of skate can be effective. If you can get about 6 guys all snaking each other and movin fast then the little tackers soon get scared and get out of the way, or better still their mums come and get them.

FOXA 13:36 25/Jul/05

Doesn't always work though Jughead. I'd already had a couple tries at it earlier that day. There was one woman (she was far from a looker) who stood in the middle of the flat watching her kid roll down the 1 foot bump, then carry his board back to the top to do it again - this went on for 10 minutes or so. She wasn't too worried about the little cessies that nearly took her ankles out, or the fact that I was hooting past her and her son near enough that our clothes were making contact sometimes.

jughead 14:39 25/Jul/05

can't you take a hint foxa?

No wonder you aint married

FOXA 14:43 25/Jul/05

Nah I never take hints from 50+ looking asian women. They taste farny.

jughead 14:45 25/Jul/05

rice anyone?

FOXA 14:49 25/Jul/05

You can get cleam to get lid of your rice.

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