Bark Grind. 19:33 11/Jul/05

220 bus from out the front of my place goes right out the front

Judda 10:24 12/Jul/05

The one with the stripper?

SHORTS. 13:01 12/Jul/05

and it burns burns burns

Judda 14:02 12/Jul/05

Shout out to LOGIC for the piece, this seems appropriate.

hes so hot right now 18:46 18/Jul/05

yo bark grinf where you live i live near the 220

hotdogs 19:22 28/Jul/05

how long till the street course

GurooLotag 20:15 28/Jul/05

Wont be long mate, Tom and Reesy are hard at it im sure...

hes so hot right now 19:21 29/Jul/05

toms a bludger!!!!!!!!

GurooLotag 22:33 02/Aug/05

haha, I am told a ton of work has been going on so wont be long now

hes so hot right now 09:14 03/Aug/05


NsE InC 17:13 30/Aug/05

ages to go blokes it wont be fin for a while I was there not long ago only 2 thirds done but ooooooh booooy it looks nice place to get a KICKflipping mad park (LOL i can do it too!)

tom vb
tom vb 20:28 02/Sep/05

Work on the "Street Course" as people call it ?
(it looks more like a skate park to me,
nothing street about a bunch of wooden ramps)
has been stopped Reesy and I have had enough
of people asking "is the street course done yet",
we will get back in to it when we feel like it ,
for now we are going to skate.

tom vb
tom vb 23:09 02/Sep/05


F L A S H 18:38 03/Sep/05

!!! take your time fella's, i wont have my P's for another month

GurooLotag 19:32 03/Sep/05

With a bowl that good, i dont think I'll go down stairs too much anyway...

Oh yeah Tom.... My head is healing nicely too....

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