will review parks for shoes

Trogdor the Burninat 15:09 19/May/05

There you go Drew! did a bunch on the Central Coast parks. Now where's my shoes, my feet are cold!!!!!

Tough Stough N$ REP
Tough Stough N$ REP 15:25 20/May/05

I'll massacre the whole of Crows Nest on my way to school tommorow. You'll get yours brown1e.

brown1e 11:50 21/May/05

i called your school and they said you dont even exist. whats more, they also said that if you did exist, youd be a girl who cried alot because she wets her pants.

along with this i would like to add that i will never get mine. i will not get my comeuppance (spelling). i am invincible. i will NEVER GET MINE! unless of course youre talking about the shoe prize for this competition, in which case, i will recieve them shortly, for destroying your reviews. baaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

seriously though, this review thing is a tops idea.

Tough Stough N$ REP
Tough Stough N$ REP 13:12 21/May/05

My school said that? Damn.

I forgot that it was a friday yesterday and I don't tend to go to school on saturday's very often. Instead, I'll be finding all your reviews and making good ones to replace them, nobody likes a "brownr1eview" (That's quotationed because I said it out loud about 2 seconds before I typed it).

brown1e 20:51 22/May/05

stop wetting your pants, you little pant wetting girlyboy.

PIG. 00:35 23/May/05

i love how these threads always stay on track

brown1e 15:44 23/May/05

good point.

my reviews are the koooooots noooooots. send me some shoes man, seriously, ill put in a good word for you with some chicks and that hey, right.

brown1e 16:50 02/Jun/05

bump. hey drew, when is this thing happening dude?

has it been a couple of months yet?

Trogdor the Burninat 17:00 02/Jun/05

Those shoes are mine Brownie, you gotta name, names!

brown1e 18:00 03/Jun/05

i can name names with the best of them trogdor.

frank..... steve..... bill...... rob.....umm....steve.

ive got hundreds of them.

Rambo 09:21 16/Jun/05

steve! She has the most beautiful adams apple i've ever seen .....

bump, when do we find out who get shoes?

drew 09:25 16/Jun/05

posted on the 11th of may in this thread- "In a couple of months we will pick out 5 of you who have put in some really good reviews"

Frank.C 11:18 16/Jun/05

I'd review Gladstone park skatepark as i'm the only one that skates it but it's not listed.

halfcab333 05:03 18/Jun/05

what are u looking more for drew, quality or quantity?

heners 15:50 11/Jul/05

hey i think people shouldnt diss the locals i was lookin up our park(ballarat) and someone said all the locals where wankers aarrrgg that makes me angry

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