Countdown to Civic

LIBERTINE 10:19 01/Jun/05

looks fun, cant wait to have a roll with spud & crew there as im only living round the corner from civic now!

CBRBMX 19:19 01/Jun/05

I contacted urban services today and they said that BMX was welcome, so...

RiCkStA 19:46 01/Jun/05

good for u then

douche 20:00 01/Jun/05

good for him indeed homefry.
now how about you go kill yourself and show respect for humanity?

Love DoUCHeStA

RiCkStA 20:18 01/Jun/05

dude u gotta be gay

douche 21:36 01/Jun/05

Dude... i have nothing to say but congratulations!

Countdown to Civic

Tyrone Biggums 22:27 01/Jun/05

ricksta's right

cash,money,vagrant 13:14 02/Jun/05

fuck off bmxers can use it !!! take a look how big the fuckin area is ya fuckin goose !!! take out a kid and you'll be in the shit

cash,money,vagrant 14:35 02/Jun/05

ohh and again this is skateboard site douchefag

owen. 15:19 02/Jun/05

at the moment the park does look quite the enjoyable for both BMX and skating. However i really dislike BMX so therefore i think they should be shot and also if that happens you can take out or redesign that ski jump deal that seperates the rail-ledge-bank thing from the quarters. thats just a suggestion though.

'brabowl pete 15:20 02/Jun/05

that spine to stair design is warped
over the spine - run up the stairs. wtf
surely you're goig to include a bank in those stairs?
or is this a 'no-flow' design?

'brabowl pete 15:23 02/Jun/05

sorry i'm an idiot, just reread M = simulation of ... ohhh.

CBRBMX 17:02 02/Jun/05

I've never had a collision with a skateboarder and I don't plan on starting now. Besides, I don't usually ride the parks when they're crowded with ratty kids.

Also, you're the one who brought up BMX, douchefag. Not me.

Lucky Phil 10:33 03/Jun/05

Spud only fired a round in a war you started with your personal insults, get what you give.

The street section has been concreted and the reo for the ramps and all the ledge building has started.

a month I predict...

Beer_in _Lyons
Beer_in _Lyons 10:44 03/Jun/05

yeah at least that long, hey want some beers after work today Phil? in town?

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