Countdown to Civic

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 10:11 31/May/05

CBRBMX, do you know if thats the same plan they are working with?

drew 10:29 31/May/05

thats what potty emailed to me dinkum...

cash,money,vagrant 10:37 31/May/05

i went past yesterday and she's looking quite beautiful!!!!!!! can't fuckin wait!!!!!! they should be pouring the crete this week hopefully

cash,money,vagrant 10:38 31/May/05

oh yeah it looks just like the plans

PIG. 11:47 31/May/05

looks fun!

cash,money,vagrant 11:55 31/May/05

hey does anyone know if bmxers aren't supposed to be able to ride the park as it is to small of an area + the young kids skating the park will be put in danger?? POTTY????

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 12:34 31/May/05

CMV your on the money.

CBRBMX 15:45 31/May/05

Yeah, it's the same as in the plans.

Ain't nothing gonna stop me riding that beast! Ha! The only people who have run in's are moron kids, whether they be on skateboards or bmx bikes.

cash,money,vagrant 16:10 31/May/05

i think there is a piece of document floating around somewhere that states the use of bikes in the skatepark is not acceptable . which i think is correct , especially the area of the park. oh & CBRBMX why not show your face to the TDP crew . oh and thanks for the name!!!!! TDP TDP TDP TDP

mutley 16:36 31/May/05


CBRBMX 17:04 31/May/05

Haha! I heard that you'd appropriated the name. I'm glad you like it.

Anyways, the fact that there is a document floating around won't stop me riding the park. I'll show her the respect she deserves, but that's about it.

drew 19:15 31/May/05

TDP may have to make a citizens arrest, haha

RiCkStA 19:16 31/May/05

how bout u dont ride the park n show some respect to others

CBRBMX 19:30 31/May/05

Yeah, I don't think so buddy.

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 10:13 01/Jun/05

ha ha ha, I think the police will be happy to enforce the respect issue.

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