New Bathurst park

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 10:30 06/Sep/05

yeah looks stupidly fun too!...

RE: New Bathurst park

Fetus 10:47 06/Sep/05

Awesome frontside line at the long bank ledge :S

Looks like a good park though, that hump would be cool for lines between bowls.

They even put chillers in the plans now!!! What next, put the actual amount of scooter kids that will no doubt dominate the park?

floggo 11:26 06/Sep/05

that dude in the back right hand corner or the bowl has got mad steez on his frontside tail...

RON 11:54 06/Sep/05


dubs 12:08 06/Sep/05

fuckin rulin park,can't wait to hit it on my next trip.
Those two chillers in the plan are actually drug dealers sharing a joint,you can tell by the body language, dude on the left is passing it...

steve t 12:22 06/Sep/05

Hell yeh - a day trip to ride that stupidly big bowl is on!

Git yaself a helmet and pads and ride the thing rhys - you'll never look back.

drew 13:15 06/Sep/05

I would wear a helmet and pads at bathurst, whether there was a skatepark or not

NIKEEEM 13:25 06/Sep/05

I think I'd rather ride that "stupidly big bowl" than ride a big bowl stupidly.....

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 21:46 06/Sep/05

Being only a half hour drive away I'm stoked on it's imminent construction but....

The more I look at the design the more I bum at how average it is...

That roll over bit would be way radder if it stayed coping hieght and formed a circle end like in the middle of the photo of leeton...

You could come from the centre of the deep bowl and blast up the middle into either top bowls (or carve over it into either top bowls plus it would give you a return corner into to stay in each top bowl...

As it is it would be a bitch to roll over it any way as it looks like it doesn't even line up with the side wall and would tend to send you into the deep...

RE: New Bathurst park

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 21:54 06/Sep/05

And that triangle bowl.... yeah it's sort of different.. but pretty awkward to skate - if you've skated Balmoral you'll know what I mean...

That over 90 degree pocket gunna generate some seroius g's though!

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 22:03 06/Sep/05

And... the hips... now you can either have rounded hips or straight hips (where aech coping stays straight to intersect each other) each have there pros and cons..

Rounded hips are rad to carve over and cool to grind around (reverse corner grind)

Straight hips are cool to grind off and onto and can be easier to ollie/air off/over as they have a definant edge - but are awkward to carve over (impossible to keep your wheels from leaving the ground!)

The hips on the design are rounded yet the radius looks so small/tight that it would be the worste of both worlds! too tight to grind and carve over (high up at least - hopfully they will increase the radius of the hip roll around down the the flat - to make carving over the hip low at least bearable)

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 22:22 06/Sep/05

What's everyone else think...

What about the "street section" - I'm too old and useless on street to make any seroius comments but it's pretty... average I think describes it best.

Would have been rad to have a ledge on the platty behind the two corners off the spine... could fly out of the corner 50/50 grind or what ever the ledge and land back in the other bowl... (same for a ledge running where the two dudes are smoking the joint)

Maybe make one side the top left hand bank a euro gap? (as much as I hate stairs in a skatepark maybe make the one side of the bottom left hand bank stairs?- you would have to make it the opposite side the euro gap the to to keep a line up to the euro gap

Maybe have one the rails extend level along the top (so you could begin the rail on the flat and continue down)

The ledge down the bank below the deep bowl looks too low (the bowl would shoot you most up at that depth)

And some more strategically placed varied ledges rails around the top platty edges would be relatively cheap simple additions that would provide a lot more variety..


Pete Oste
Pete Oste 22:25 06/Sep/05

Bit like my home park Orange... rad park but would have been so much radder if it was just a foot higher! (without taking to pieces like I've done to the Bathurst park!)

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