Proposed park at Elderslie / Camden area

fill 22:22 18/Sep/05

this park is awesome.

the roll in's are crazy butm it's a good and different design to most parks.

it looks pretty well built too, just gotta stay off the mud around the edges.

it's not officially open but was reasonably crowded today, about a thousand bikers, and about 3 of them were actually using the park, also lots of skaters just standing around.

definatly worth a check out

Sean. 15:38 19/Sep/05

wasnt rob kenworthy and his mates down there that day? i couldnt make it

pics soon, just gotta scan and resize the fruits

JOHN FOX 19:40 22/Sep/05

I think the 'offical' opening is next weekend... the ZALEM crew have done it again and poured a perfect park .
The shots on the other page of the park in the rain were pretty impressive.
Seriously if you are getting a park in your area in Sydney tell your council you want Zalem to build it...sort out a design and then let these guys at it and it comes out better than perfect.
Bones and the crew can do it for you... you listening Mick ? 5DK 5DK 5DK

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