Proposed park at Elderslie / Camden area

JOHN FOX 16:51 18/Aug/05

latest word sez fhe best concrete finish in Sydney yet...finished real soon. I wonder if all that 'bones' skate stuff from the states is named after our BONES : SKATEPARK CONCRETING MASTER AND LEGEND

Seano bee bop 19:38 19/Aug/05


RE: Proposed park at Elderslie / Camden area

Seano bee bop 19:39 19/Aug/05

eesh, sorry about the pic size drew, wouldnt let me shrink it

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 23:16 19/Aug/05

lookin good so far.

JOHN FOX 11:55 23/Aug/05

as this park nears completion... a big thanks goes to the concrete gurus : Bones , Andrew , Jake and the formworker Christian . That lineup sounds like a skate team from the 90,s . LOL

Cam Ward
Cam Ward 14:14 23/Aug/05

Good un' fox'

It does sound like an 80's team...(bring em back I say)

Richme 15:20 27/Aug/05

3 + a half weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pig. 00:57 28/Aug/05

I'll be there for the opening for sure

Richme 20:59 30/Aug/05


Sean. 19:55 15/Sep/05

Its now complete so go get your arses down there
pics up Very very soon

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 19:58 15/Sep/05

Bring on those pics!...

So what's the exact location of the park - might check it out this weekend

Sean. 20:22 15/Sep/05

dont know the EXact address but its at Kirkham Park on Camden Valley Way, next to the footy field and bmx track

if your coming from the cambelltown way it will be on your left

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 21:25 15/Sep/05

Cheers Sean, might see you there on Sunday arvo on my way back home (I'll be the old fart with missus and kids in tow!)

Sean. 22:12 15/Sep/05

haha, ill be there limping on both feet with my camera in hand

singha_is 01:36 16/Sep/05

im actually stoked for u guys!

Park reminds me of berowra, anyway its sick to see shit finally work out, rather than just plans n talk..

Fuckin faggot councils up here..

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