Proposed park at Elderslie / Camden area

F L A S H 22:14 26/Jul/05


Richie B.A.F 19:50 29/Jul/05

yey i cant wait till it's finished, cause it's just across the road from my school. i hope the god dam BMX's keep away or i will whip them with my soon 2 be mullet

2way Skater 23:12 29/Jul/05

Could you get the contact details for ZALEM by any chance? a mate is interested..

JOHN FOX 18:16 30/Jul/05

I have contact details for Zalem but I'd need to know what your mate wants. Don't forget these guys build parks and they don't design them. This is a ' convic ' design park and Zalem only build them one at a perfection !

Jonnie 14:44 01/Aug/05

My mate has a $10G budget, im sure he can get someone to sort out the design work.

Il try explain this the best i can.

He wants a quarter (around 6-7 ftt.) on one side. on the other side he wants a smaller quarter (4-5ft) aprox 10 meters apart.

Looking down from this 4-5ft quarter, about 3 meters of flat to a down ramp thats about 3 meters wide, 2 meters "down" or long, with hubbas either side (both coped) and a round rail in the middle (extended about 2 ft in the air, going down the ramp in the middle.

Now that i describe it, it should look exactly like lane cove park (in Sydney), if youve ever seen it.

If you could chuck me there details it would be sweet so he can call them up and see what can be done.

JOHN FOX 22:41 01/Aug/05

sorry but 10G isn't going to pay for much and certainly not your skatepark.. probably more like 100g plus !
Zalem do major public works jobs and cannot help you here.
Get a design drawn up and take it to a local concrete construction company. and they might give a ball park figure.

Jonnie 12:51 02/Aug/05

So preety much they wont be bothered doing a 10G job?

sall good, not for me its for a friend, hes gona try make it himself, gona be hilarious..

Jonnie 12:51 02/Aug/05

thanks anyway

SeanO B.K.P 19:52 02/Aug/05

aint nothin halarious about this...

RE: Proposed park at Elderslie / Camden area

SeanO B.K.P 19:53 02/Aug/05

except, the guy in the white looks like hes having a little 'wee break'

Mick.G 20:06 02/Aug/05


the site of fresh crete
god bless

Richie B.A.F 21:58 04/Aug/05

fuck yea, im so excited

Richie B.A.F 19:57 11/Aug/05

apparently it shall be finished by ye olde holidays, we should post some more pics because concrete has been laid

Richie B.A.F 19:58 11/Aug/05

more concrete i mean, like ledge :)

Pig. 01:09 13/Aug/05

I can see myself becoming a bit of a regular at that park

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