Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 20:21 28/Aug/04

Unfotrunately the whole park has to be portable to make way for the redneck fair each year, so don't expect anything too extravigant.

camsbw 12:00 29/Aug/04

O.k so here is what I know....Its going to be built over the next 3 yrs in 3-4 stages the the 1st stage will be worth $1.2mil and then on up to a total of about $4mil when its all finished.

Apparently tenders have been sent out but thats about it.

Its all being done through the Olympic Park Authority

And yes it has to be all portable so they can move it around and into the superdome for the X games and all that. But that isnt all bad as long obsticles can be moved around from time to time so the park dosnt go stale.

#PLR#Ransoming mysel 19:39 04/Sep/04


og ryder 19:48 04/Sep/04

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#PLR#Ransoming mysel 21:24 04/Sep/04

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Tristan' 21:39 04/Sep/04

dont you get banned or suspended for doing that stupid crap

re: Homebush

camsbw 10:23 05/Sep/04

Hey Mick do you know anything about the homebush park...the info I have could be seems a bit far fetched but u never know I suppose

BaRnes 11:01 05/Sep/04


Nathe 18:17 05/Sep/05

hey i founs some plans for the stree corse its a but fuzzy but you get the point. looks cool

re: Homebush

CG 20:21 05/Sep/05

You kids need to explore the forums before you start a new thread -- this is the 3rd thread about Homebush.

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