Richie Jackon

insurance 19:17 22/Nov/09

'12 armed officers in five cars' probably because it was at sydney grammar as opposed to some shitty old state school. combine that with comments already said, and a lot of things about this article show exactly why you should become rich and white and fit in to the status quo so shit is awesome.

Yumma 20:48 22/Nov/09

Oh em gee call the fasion police!

diddy kong
diddy kong 21:41 22/Nov/09

thats not even him !!!

ANAL BACTERIA 21:56 22/Nov/09

shit, he did have a skateboard and he was sleeping. just as well he was held at gun point! his a criminal just like child molesters and cerial killers

Michael P
Michael P 22:19 22/Nov/09

aha crazy

Tupac 00:24 23/Nov/09

Good publicity.

Tim B.
Tim B. 07:08 23/Nov/09

12 cunts with guns stop a poor guy sleeping in a school, i wonder how many mother fuckers got stabbed at various unpatrolled train stations and street corners on the same night? Fucktards.

djsm 08:11 23/Nov/09

He ran....

So they pulled guns...

I think you guys are just sensitive cause he was a skater..

If it was an emo dude you prob would be saying how he deserved it..

Makes sense to me.. cops approach a dude, who runs, they think, why is he running? must have something to hide, pulls gun and gives chase..

btw guys, a skateboard is a weapon.. thus, guns.. to protect cops from said weapon..

and he did break into a school.. which, umm, is illegal..

but def not a news story..

Fat Max
Fat Max 12:45 23/Nov/09

a skateboard isn't a's a skateboard

djsm 12:55 23/Nov/09

yes, it's a skateboard, and a mode of transportation, and a toy, and a hobbie, and a passion, and a sex tool, and a weapon...

SPARX!!! 12:56 23/Nov/09

hahahah the featch! that was too good


haha pretty funny, but pulling guns is overkill.

Jon 13:16 23/Nov/09

did he climb over the fence or did he break something to gain entry?
he's got skills if he jimmy'd the fence with his deck.
top effort all round I reckon.

braddox 13:17 23/Nov/09

That copper need the gun so he didn't have to give chase. Look at the guts on the cunt! Pretty high standards of physical fitnes iin the NSW police force obviously.

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