Zoo York Prem Dates

Fluzed 04:24 12/Jun/09

i 100% agree.

but you had to be there.

but 1 guy getting his underwear pulled of via atomic wedgie was greaaattttt!!

nah good night
thanks for putting it on ZY

raphabee 05:19 12/Jun/09

Nah, I was there, up the back with those noisy hoodlums you're talking about... Let's just say that one of them wears a Young Ones t-shirt...another has prior convictions, no pun intended.

The really noisy kid was little Christopher from Pooran bowl. He's only eleven and hyperactive as a bucket of piranhas at dinner time.

NIKEEEM 09:44 12/Jun/09

I heard about the wedgie but missed all the action....can someone explain in more detail? or better yet, pics?

Cornwell 09:51 12/Jun/09

fark i knew i was missing out on the video, but it seems i also missed out on NIKEEEM!

NIKEEEM 10:04 12/Jun/09

Yes you did Corn-dawg.
By the way, I need to lock down your filming/editing skills as I need to knock out a video part in 6 weeks....can it be done?

Prior 10:20 12/Jun/09

I meant to do a complete write up last night, but I had to put in some hours at the coal face (the carlton).

The video starts out with Brandon Westgate. Its pretty hard not to enjoy his skateboarding. He did everything proper, kept it pretty new york and skates the other direction on a hubba and an outledge. Good choice for an opener given I'm sure it was decided years ago that Zared was going to have last part.

Matt Miller probably suffers from having a similar name to some other perma-ams so its pretty hard to remember most of his coverage to date. Jezza claimed his part reminded him of Gershon Mosely in Opinion. I dont really know about that but he did some good switch tricks and wasnt a complete waste of time.

Chaz Ortiz is next. Obviously being a grizzly old person now im programmed to hate kids. This part was good but forgettable and I was left wishing I had gone to the bathroom.

Donny Barley always comes through with the goods. Token front 3's in full effect.

Ron Deily is sick. Kind of channeling John Motta and current skateboarding pretty hard, but his take on it seems pretty well informed.

Kevin Taylor is definitely not putting out another Aesthetics part, but I like dudes who are milking it, and at least he brings a semblance of dopeness to an otherwise kind of plaid team.

I settled to take my break during shetlers part. Kilderry, Sam Morgan and Tim Hillier were all at the urinal too. I guess its a consensus. His last trick at melton is well gnarly.

Forest Kirby holds it down for antique furniture store owners everywhere. I've always got a soft spot for dudes who party.

Lammare Hemmings was sandiwched in there.

Suski got the loudest cheer of the night for his first suski grind. He does his ender into a pile of rubbish.

Eli Reed skates to "Taking Care of Business" which is a big claim. His parts sick though. I cared for the EE3 tribute switch ollie over the rail that oyola did regular.

Zared obviously has last part. He does a trick over a road gap that Jeremey claimed he did in the dark. The whole thing is as ridiculous as you would expect, but he doesnt go down the "Big hubbas, big emotions" route as quatersnacks would say. Which is good, not everyone can be kirchart.

The best part is after the credits, where mix tape era dudes get a look in. Peter Bici fuck yeah. While you can wish and wish, that era of zoo york is over. But the new teams ok too.

NIKEEEM 11:38 12/Jun/09

urinal props....

baulko 14:00 12/Jun/09

Sick Vid and good night Zoo Lads, well done...
Westgate definitely best section followed very closely by Kirby. One of the best styles. Heaps of switch and rad little lines. Zared was a bit of a let down. Was expecting a lot more, but the Switch Tre Lippy down that kinked hubba was a cool ender.

BNE 14:23 12/Jun/09

Prior.. On point as always.

On behalf of all the old and washed up skaters out there... Thanks for the review.

tuaki 14:33 12/Jun/09

Kevin Taylor and Forrest Kirby would sincerely like to thank everyone for staying awake during their parts.

baulko 15:48 12/Jun/09

I agree about Kevin Taylor, but not Forrest... His part was rad. Smooth lines all over the place.

sir lordington 16:43 12/Jun/09

bondi premier had the vibe of a graveyard.....

Ultimate Russ 16:49 12/Jun/09

no way, the graff video beforehand and the dub group afterwards were sure-fire party starters

sk8y180 17:41 12/Jun/09

Melb premiere was dope...Dont know how the fuck I got home so it must have been good.

Christopher Meloni
Christopher Meloni 14:52 13/Jun/09

for the loud as fuck rude drunk cunts at the back of the melb prem



You're meant to heckle at the premier, then buy the DVD and watch it.

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