Jake Phelps Hate

Eustace 23:08 25/Mar/09

top 5 for sure

singha_is 23:32 25/Mar/09

my FOXy lady

scotty! 01:36 26/Mar/09

*golf claps awarded*

imgne... 01:41 26/Mar/09

whats the go with phelps hating Benji Galloway...

I know its old but i cant remember the story behind it...

-Adam- 03:12 26/Mar/09

21 jump street!

DYLANZIG 10:46 26/Mar/09

haha hekis thebois so good

poopy-pants 13:38 26/Mar/09

the guy is an arrogant fuckhead that cant skate but can talk shit on others that can skate. oh yeah, and hes a junkie.

saying that..... skateboarding needs straight talking arseholes and he is the best at that so i guess i like him. im confussed????

-T.L.F- 20:52 26/Mar/09

he says every skaters the best in the world talks them up sooo much i think its mostly undeserved like the way he talks about tnt .
i belive everyoone hates benji galloway because he run into omar hassan and he cracked the shits omar hassan annoys me same shit different bowl everytime

Purple LA Shirt Guy 21:27 26/Mar/09

same shit different bowl everytime

fuck oath i swear he does that same like roll along the top then go into boardslide for a long time and everyone is impressed

Kicks 22:39 26/Mar/09

ohhh fox!

Mr Fox
Mr Fox 09:53 27/Mar/09


momiz 12:21 27/Mar/09

benjis kills it on a board, and is a good cunt too

imgne... 12:30 27/Mar/09

cheers TLF i remember that now, still seems pretty stupid though, cause look at omar he's a tank haha

and yes momiz benji kills it for sure...

Mr Fox
Mr Fox 12:31 27/Mar/09

I remember reading that everyone hates Benji 'cause he lands all his tricks, even when people have been failing on the same trick at the session.

Lazlo_Panaflex 13:14 27/Mar/09

Session killah...

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