Potty's Butthole

TFI 20:41 27/Jul/08

Now we know where all the money from the internet tee's is going... Potty's medical bills!

Sullivan... 20:42 27/Jul/08

how do you get an ingrown ass hair, not meant to be offensive im just curios haha
get better soon mate..

dicks and cocks 21:06 27/Jul/08

Need tv for my bunghole

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 21:42 27/Jul/08

Does this mean you'll be lying face down for a while Potty? May need to cut hole in the bed mate.

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 21:45 27/Jul/08

Hey, which flap are you getting?

Vagabond 11:51 28/Jul/08

Damn Potty I still remember dry wretching from seeing the damage last time... scarred for life. I hope this time is heaps better for you mate

last_in_line 18:35 29/Jul/08

Potty - Best wishes for your ass and I hope you're laying cable again like a seasoned Telstra worker in no time.

Ando Da Rezza 23:34 29/Jul/08

fark potty that's f'd up. hope it all goes to plan n ya get back on ya board soon mate.

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