Potty's Butthole

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 15:51 25/Jul/08

Thanks for the reminder Jnr Now I need to find the Moama photos...hahaha

TFI 15:53 25/Jul/08

We're not gonna fart in silence, we're not gonna wipe Potty's rear! WOOOOAHH OH OHOHOH

baulko 15:54 25/Jul/08

I'll give you some of that famous Anal Leather shoes when you get out buddy. That'll sort ya out
Good luck.

tuaki 15:57 25/Jul/08

I cant believe you just left me there!! cry cry cry

Rodos 16:44 25/Jul/08

do i dare ask how this butt problem occuried? get well soon potty's dirt road...

JV Spike
JV Spike 18:27 25/Jul/08

do we get pics like last time hahaha?

JV Spike
JV Spike 18:27 25/Jul/08

and how did this bitch happen? ingrown asshair?

madcap 20:55 25/Jul/08

HAHAHAHAH FOX fuck best one in the thread

Goofy. 21:07 25/Jul/08

i think it was from an ingrown hair or something, thats what i remeber him telling me ages ago

Potty2617 22:40 26/Jul/08

Started with one ingrown hair. Had my third op yesterday and have a 6cm long 2cm wide and about 3cm deep hole right down the middle of my arse crack. The nurse has to pac it with bandages everyday to ensure that it heals from the botom up. The nurse this morning said she felt like a magician bulling scarfs out of her hat. (Pics tomorrow). Might have to go back next week and have another op that might put me in hospital for 5 days with a machine attached to my arse. I feel like the poster boy for Pilonidal Sinus. Power point can be found at this link

Drewsie 22:59 26/Jul/08

happy healing... hope its the last bout of butt surgery you need...

what procedure did they carry out this time(bascom)???

do manzillian waxes help?

madcap 23:01 26/Jul/08


!D.F! 00:47 27/Jul/08


something so simple causing so much pain and embarassment.

(embarassment for everyone exept potty , , , who im sure enjoys showing his ass to attractive nurses daily)

insurance 01:36 27/Jul/08

fuck, now i've googled all about pilonidal sinus i'm shitting bricks. my arse crack is fucking ridiculously hairy

madcap 19:57 27/Jul/08

i hope it heals soon. that would be an arse of a situation to be in

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